More peace of mind with every dash

Being able to dash with confidence is essential. That’s why we’ve built safety measures to ensure you can easily get help when you need it.


Dash with confidence

We hope every delivery goes smoothly, but we’ve got your back if things don’t go as planned — before, during, and after a dash.



Dash with more peace of mind by adding contact details of someone you trust who can be reached if there’s an emergency.



Feel secure on the road with 24/7 on-demand 911 assistance from ADT’s* trained Safety Agents. We also provide SafeChat and Real-Time Safety alerts.



Quickly and easily report any unsafe customer communications without impacting your Dasher ratings.

*ADT’s services are subject to the terms of service found here. By using these services you agree to ADT’s terms of service

We’re here to help

The Dasher app provides a suite of safety tools and measures that help you stay connected with us, emergency services, and those who matter most to you anytime you’re on the road.

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    Safety Reassurance Call

    Get connected quickly to an ADT agent who will stay on the phone with you or alert 911 with your location.

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    Emergency Assistance Button

    Swipe to silently request emergency assistance and have your location shared by ADT with 911 services.

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    SafeDash™ Check-In

    Get automatic safety check-ins to make sure your delivery is going as expected.

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    Easily report any offensive language from customers.

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    Real-Time Safety Alerts

    24/7 real-time monitoring and alerts to notify you of possible unsafe situations nearby.

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    Safety Reporting

    Easily report unsafe dashing experiences and opt out of future deliveries to the same customer. 

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    Porch Light Reminders

    We’ll send your customer a notification asking them to turn on their outside lights during night time deliveries. 

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    Emergency Contact

    Add contact details of someone you trust so we can reach them in case of an emergency, if we’re not able to reach you.

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    Protecting Your Privacy

    DoorDash safeguards your privacy by automatically masking your real phone number from customers and merchants.


“I love the direction you’re going with this because I’ve been in situations where I’ve felt uncomfortable. Dashers like me will really appreciate all these tools. It’s certainly a step in the right direction, and shows that DoorDash is here to help.”

Eddy M. 
Cranberry Township, PA

Frequently Asked Questions

We encourage you to use the safety features anytime you need them: before, during, or after a dash.

You can easily find all the available safety features by tapping the blue shield icon in the top right corner of the home screen (next to the Help button), or on the top right corner of your app.

Yes. Our suite of safety features are available and actively monitoring your safety during every dash, 24/7 a day. Whenever you need help, DoorDash is ready to provide it.

All of our safety tools are free to use, but many emergency services, such as ambulances, have separate costs, which Dashers are required to cover. Your phone’s carrier rates may also apply. If you get injured while dashing, you may be eligible for coverage (see details here).

If you need emergency help but are having issues with our safety features for any reason, leave the app and dial 911 directly from your phone.

You should only use the safety tools for safety-related help when on a dash. For all other issues, please contact DoorDash Support. Our 24/7 Support Team will be happy to assist you with any non-emergency issues.

Please note: misusing the safety tools (for example, to unassign from an order) may lead to the deactivation of your Dasher account.