Your Voice Matters: Meet Our 2023 Dasher Community Council Members

Groups like the Dasher Community Council (DCC) ensure that Dashers have a seat at the table and a hand in shaping DoorDash's future.

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Welcome your 2023 Australian + New Zealand Dasher Community Council Members

Since officially launching DoorDash Australia in mid-late 2019, we’ve always strived to create a safe space where Dashers can provide feedback directly to us to contribute to shaping our platform and improving the delivery experience. In 2021 we sent out an open invitation to Dashers looking to take part in the DCC project, and you didn’t disappoint. We received an overflow of interest and followed that up with the successful launch of our first Dasher Community Council 2021. Upon launching in New Zealand, we expanded our DCC members to include New Zealand voices to ensure they had a seat at the table too. 

DCC Australia & New Zealand members are not only customer-focused, passionate and motivated, but are also representative of the rich geographic, cultural, and experiential diversity of Australian and New Zealand-based Dashers. 

Getting to know the DCC

The Dasher Community Council (DCC) is a representative and diverse group of Dashers that provides feedback to DoorDash on important Dasher topics like app functionality, new features, and a broad range of other issues affecting Dashers. Since launching in 2021, the DCC has acted as a sounding board for ideas, ensured ongoing engagement in the Dasher community, and helped brainstorm solutions to common Dasher challenges. The DCC operates at the national level in the United States, Canada, Australia & New Zealand.

Every half year, we invite applications from Dashers across the country to join the DCC.

The Dasher Community Council meets every month with key members from the DoorDash team to discuss specific topics or anything that's top of mind. Members of the DCC are awarded Top Dasher status for life and their role is to give their opinion of new features or programs that the DoorDash team is working on. Lately, the DCC has been pivotal in improving the overall quality of our platform in order to provide Dashers and Customers with the best experience.

We’re excited to introduce you to the fourth cohort of the Australian and New Zealand Dasher Community Council, whose term started in January 2023 and will end in June 2023.

Meet the current DCC

Au - Dx - Blog - Cassandra DCC ANZ

Cass, dashing in Glasshouse Mountain, QLD

My goal is to help improve the Dasher platform and user experience, provide a fresh perspective from a female's experience in gig work, Safety, and the future of flexible and independent work.

AU - Dx - ANZ DCC Fatith

Fatih, dashing in Melbourne, VIC

My goal is to assist DoorDash with improving the overall experience for Dashers and customers whilst implementing change for positive and profitable direction.

Au - Dx - ANZ DCC Michael

Michael, dashing in Brisbane, QLD

My goal is to help improve the Dasher product experience and contribute to discussions surrounding the future of flexible and independent work.

AU - Dx - ANZ DCC Natalie

Natalie, dashing in Wellington, New Zealand

My goal is to provide feedback and share ideas with other Dashers through the Dasher Community Council. The goal is to help create a better work environment for Dashers no matter who they are.

Au - Dx - ANZ DCC Sarah

Sarah, dashing in Wellington, New Zealand

Having worked in customer service for many years, my goal is to add a unique perspective from many angles to improve services for Dashers, retailers, consumers and the customer service team.

Au - Dx - ANZ DCC Syed

Syed, dashing in Sydney, NSW

Having worked with two other major delivery platforms in the past 2 years. I understand the mindset of a rider when it comes to the pressure riders are under whilst delivering excellent customer service. My goal is to make a difference with how the Dasher app works for riders from a technical perspective and throughout the full order process.

Au - Dx - ANZ DCC Vishal

Vishal, dashing in Shellharbour, NSW

My goal is to give valuable feedback on behalf of the Dasher community. As I’ve been dashing for more than 4 months, I’ve got some new great ideas that can help our community thrive.