Perrin from Edmond, OK

People from all walks of life deliver with DoorDash. Meet Perrin in our latest Dasher Spotlight.

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Perrin D. is a talented and prolific abstract painter.

She’s traveled and lived abroad, has a number of degrees (including a Master’s of Fine Art), and is an avid runner, biker, and hiker.

“I am a life-long learner who appreciates a variety of subjects and topics … I am a believer in the Chris McCandless quote: ‘Happiness is only real when shared.’ [And] painting is the only solo activity that I truly enjoy being alone for hours doing.”

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Before moving back to the U.S., Perrin was led Marketing and Communications for a foundation in Bangkok, Thailand after receiving her M.F.A. in Ireland. When she got back to the States, she found dashing made a great complement to her new full time role at the Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce.

“I started dashing because I thought it would be a quick and easy way to make extra cash. My cousins told me about it and I had to try it for myself!”

Perrin stays focusing on her art, friends, and personal life, but she finds time to dash, even between errands.

“When I am already out, it feels silly not to dash, and I enjoy it! I used to be a waitress and it reminds me a bit of my experience serving customers. Bringing people things that make them happy, makes me happy!”

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With Perrin’s positivity and flair for life, it’s no wonder she finds enjoyment in dashing, too. She says it’s even helped her grow a little:

“Dashing has helped give me confidence that even when the job market seems tough, there is a way to make cash. It's been wonderful being able to dash and make money based on my schedule.”

Explore Perrin’s painting, writing, and fine art here.