Bike Delivery Strategies: Make the Most of Your Time

Bike delivery jobs like bike dashing are a great way to earn.

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Bike Dasher

Bicycle messengers have been zipping through the streets for decades, getting parcels and packages wherever they need to go. Now, in the age of app delivery, being Dasher is a great way to earn more with DoorDash.

When traffic is heavy, it’s best to travel light — and that’s why bike dashing is so popular, particularly in urban areas. So, if this delivery method is appealing, here are some useful pointers from seasoned Dashers that can help you make the most out of being a bike Dasher. 

It’s also incredibly easy to get started — all you need is a smartphone and a bike. Don’t have a bike? Check out our partnerships below. 

Bike delivery benefits, explained

Depending on where you’re located, you have the option to dash on your bike or e-bike rather than your automotive vehicle, though this can vary between cities and regions. Bike dashing brings a range of benefits:

It’s physically active

Many people already cycle for recreation or exercise, so why not deliver while you bike?

It requires less maintenance

When you use a vehicle, the higher expenses of fuel, parking, and upkeep can really eat into earnings.

It’s climate-friendly

Bike dashing is an eco-conscious way to deliver in an era when environmental responsibility is becoming increasingly paramount.

The DoorDash app is designed to accommodate bike dashing. Simply select “Bicycle” as your vehicle type, and you’ll receive local orders that can be safely and easily delivered by cyclists. That means you won’t have to worry about cumbersome large catering spreads, for example, that could pose issues while you ride.

Save time with your bike

Time is money — particularly for Dashers. 

If you work for a set number of hours every day or week, the number of deliveries you can make during those hours determines how much you earn. So, how can you help keep your travel time low and maximize your earnings? Here are three strategies from experienced Dashers:

A wheel lock can save a lot of time

Using a wheel lock allows you to secure your bicycle to itself, so you can efficiently make a quick delivery.

Get the proper gear

Rather than wasting time wrestling orders into a backpack, get a bike bag suited for dashing, as well as a bike-mounted rack, or basket.

Dash in neighborhoods you know

Stick to familiar areas so you are well-oriented and don’t lose time checking directions.

I take shortcuts through… bike lanes in parks to get to the customers’ places faster than [on a] regular route.

Khanin, Bike Dasher, Toronto

The time you can save using these strategies helps make dashing more efficient. It can help you to take on a few extra deliveries in your regular schedule, enabling you to earn more.

The perks of being a Bike Dasher

There are even more perks that make bike dashing a valuable opportunity to make money on a bike.

For example, there are equipment discounts available to Bike Dashers so you can upgrade your gear at a reasonable cost and take your dashing to the next level:

  • Exclusive partnership with Dirwin for great deals on e-bikes

  • Exclusive partnership with Zoomo for Dashers in the US and Canada for more great deals on e-bikes

  • The DoorDash store also carries a selection of branded accessories for Bike Dashers to help make deliveries safer and more efficient.

  • Exclusive partnership with Whizz offers Dashers in New York City 15% off rental and rent-to-own e-bike plans.

Safety is a priority

Of course, when you’re pedaling down busy roads, fulfilling orders while watching the clock, you always need to put your personal health, safety, and security first. DoorDash offers a range of resources to help you do just that.

For instance, a comprehensive guide has been developed in partnership with The League of American Bicyclists to provide Bike Dashers with a free catalog of advice, strategies, and best practices.

The SafeDash program was created through a collaboration with ADT Security Services. DoorDash also offers SafeDash, a new in-app toolkit for Dasher safety and peace of mind, to give you fast, on-demand help whenever you need it.

If you’re injured or concerned for your safety, you can connect with an agent for a reassurance call, or emergency assistance, with the touch of a button.

And for Dashers based in the US, you may be eligible for occupational accident insurance — and the best part is that you don’t need to apply, enroll, or pay to be included in this program!

Make the most of your time bike dashing with DoorDash

There are many ways for Bike Dashers to minimize the minutes spent on each delivery and, therefore, maximize earnings. But to do this effectively, you have to do it strategically. You can take plenty of shortcuts when you’re cycling, but you should never take shortcuts with your safety.

That’s why resources, equipment, and discounts are available through DoorDash. Prioritize your bicycle delivery skills, tools, and know-how, and you’ll be able to complete more deliveries in less time.

If you’re a Dasher who’s never tried bike dashing, discover why two wheels can be more time-efficient than four. And if you’re new to dashing, sign up for bike dashing to get pedaling to maximize your earnings.