What is the DCC, and How Can You Get Involved?

The Dasher Community Council ensures that Dashers help shape DoorDash’s features and future. Discover how you can be a part of it.

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The Dasher Community Council (DCC) is a diverse organization of Dashers who give DoorDash feedback, suggestions, and commentary on any topics relevant to Dashers. These topics include everything from app features and functions to policies and professional development opportunities. This feedback has been instrumental in making DoorDash more inclusive, more representative, more efficient, and more productive. Since it was established in 2019, the DCC has played a pivotal role in shaping the DoorDash platform.

Members like Michael, a DCC Ambassador in Brisbane, Queensland, bring Dashers’ opinions and observations to the table. “My goal is to help improve the Dasher product experience and contribute to discussions surrounding the future of flexible and independent work,” he says.

Dx blog - What is the DCC, and How Can You Get Involved? - illustration of dasher

Why the Dasher Community Council was created

There are more than two million people dashing every month, whether they’re supplementing their savings, supporting their family, or gaining the financial independence they need to get their own ventures off the ground. It’s crucial for the Dasher community to have a direct line to company decision-makers.

This DCC offers opportunities for development, education, and transparency. This forum, and local Dasher Advisory Groups, are the best ways for Dashers to share feedback on everything from features and bugs to the delivery and customer experience.

“Serving on the Dasher Advisory Group really makes me feel empowered to make my voice heard on what matters most to me,” says Dwanét P., from Queens, New York. “Dashing has made a real difference in my life, helping me through tough times after I was laid off and then giving me the freedom and flexibility to go off and pursue my own business dreams. It has been great to be able to share my experience and connect with other Dashers across New York.”

Dx Blog - What is the DCC, and How Can You Get Involved? - illustration of Dasher on scooter

How the Dasher Community Council works

While Dasher Advisory Groups operate on a regional basis, the DCC has national branches in the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Each national DCC has nine members who have met specific criteria:

  • A customer rating of 4.7 or higher

  • A completion rate of 95% or higher

  • 500 lifetime deliveries completed

To be eligible to participate in the DCC, you also need to have completed a minimum of 50 deliveries or tasks total in the previous two months. In many respects, these criteria overlap with the Top Dasher program, which means that those who serve on the DCC represent some of the most committed Dashers in the community. Their experience and expertise make them uniquely qualified to speak to the questions, concerns, and considerations that are top of mind for Dashers.

Every month, the DCC gets together with representatives from DoorDash for a 90-minute video conference to share ideas and insights, and to brainstorm solutions to common Dasher desires and challenges. Consultations with Dashers have led to numerous improvements in recent years, including greater transparency in earnings breakdowns, better incentives to achieve peak pay, and providing tools for financial empowerment.

It was because of DCC feedback that DoorDash partnered with the National Urban League on, a free education resource on topics such as financing, budgeting, credit, mortgages, student loans, and saving for retirement.

“I had a solid grasp of the fundamentals of managing my finances, but I found the GoalUp content to be a great refresher,” says Randy B., a DCC Ambassador in Colorado. “All of the different strategies in the building credit, home loan, and car loan courses were valuable and illuminating. I’m excited to see more content in the future!”

How you can join the Dasher Community Council

As long as you meet the criteria to be a member of the DCC, you’re encouraged to apply. In order to give a diverse array of Dashers a chance to join and to keep generating new ideas and perspectives, a new cohort is selected twice a year. That means the terms last six months each, from January to June and July to December.

Three months before the start of a new DCC session, the application process opens to Dashers. Finalists are selected based on a range of factors, including the need to feature a representative cross-section of different regions, and any specific skills and contributions they offer. Those who are chosen are notified a few weeks before the next term begins.

Dashers truly value this flexibility and opportunity for representation. “Having worked in customer service for many years, my goal is to add a unique perspective from many angles to improve services for Dashers, retailers, consumers, and the customer service team,” says Sarah, a DCC Ambassador in Wellington, New Zealand. 

Raise your hand to raise your profile

While being a member of the DCC may be a volunteer position, it’s no surprise that some DCC Ambassadors list their tenure on resumes and professional networking sites. But there are other tangible benefits to joining the DCC as well.

Once you join the DCC you’re given a complete DoorDash welcome kit containing branded swag, a catering and pizza bag, and more— plus, every time you participate in the monthly conference calls, you get gift cards as a thank you. Beyond that, there are chances to test new offers and features prior to rollout, as well as access to higher-paying orders and the large order fulfillment program. And everyone who has been a member of the DCC is awarded Top Dasher status for life.

The DCC needs your voice

Joining the DCC means you can not only enhance the experiences of customers and your fellow Dashers, but also further your sense of pride and brand ambassadorship with DoorDash. If you’re looking to grow your capabilities, expand your opportunities, and make a difference in the Dasher community, the DCC is the best way to do it. Apply today.