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Dasher Virtual Office Australia

We hold Live Chat help sessions via Zoom to answer any questions you have about becoming a Dasher in Australia.

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Dasher walking into a flower store

DoorDash Hotspots: How to Find the Best Places to Dash

Where is the best place to receive the most DoorDash orders? Look for the hotspots!

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Delivery driver carrying bag, making a delivery.

Everything You Need to Know About Becoming a Delivery Driver

Want to know what delivery driving is all about? We cover the gig, from door to door and back again.

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Illustration of a bike dasher dashing in Sydney on a Zoomo e-bike

Providing Melbourne Dashers with access to resting facilities

DoorDash is proudly supporting Dasher Central (in partnership with Zoomo) and the Gig Workers Hub in Melbourne to offer food delivery riders a space to rest and recharge.

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DoorDash delivery bag and Dasher

Why We Dash: Work and Life as a Delivery Driver

Dashers explain why they are taking advantage of the new gig economy.

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Your Voice Matters: Meet Our New 2023 Dasher Community Council Members

Groups like the Dasher Community Council (DCC) ensure that Dashers have a seat at the table and a hand in shaping DoorDash's future.

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e-Mopeds: A Sustainable Solution for Dashers

Our official Light Electric Vehicle partner Zoomo is now offering electric mopeds, an eco-friendly alternative to petrol-powered scooters, mopeds and motorbikes making them an ideal choice for Dashers.