Deliver with DoorDash and Get Your Australian Business Number

Follow our simple instructions to get your ABN and start earning money delivering with DoorDash in Australia.

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How to get an ABN

Follow this video to get an ABN in as little as 5 minutes (it’s free!). Or view step-by-step instructions.

1. Apply for an ABN

Click on “Get an ABN” to visit the Australian Business Register website, and click on “Apply or reapply for an ABN” to get started.

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2. ABN Entitlement

Enter all required details related to the type of ABN you’re looking for. As a dasher, you’d select the following:

  • “Individual (Sole trader)”

  • “Yes” to be carried out in Australia.

  • “Yes” to have started or are taking steps to start your activity.

  • “In the form of business” to the nature of your activity.

  • “Yes” to doing things consistent with running a business.

3. Application Detail

Fill in your application details including your existing ABN if you already have one. 

  • If you don’t have an ABN yet, please select “Yes” to the question “Does the applicant wish to apply or reapply for an Australian Business Number (ABN)?”

  • If you have an existing ABN already registered, the new application will not be taken into consideration.

4. Business Information

Specify if you’re an Australian resident for tax purposes. 

  • If you’re on an international student or working visa, select “yes” and leave the registered agent number blank. 

  • If you're on a working holiday visa, select "No."

Enter your business activity details. 

  • Use “Food delivery service” as your business activity description.

  • Select “Food delivery service for restaurants” as the business category.

  • Select “no” for the agricultural property question.

Enter your address (For most Dashers, this will be the home address) and contact details.

5. Reason for application

Select “Contractor/Sub-contractor” as the reason for application and select “yes” if this is the first time you’re self-employed as a contractor/sub-contractor in Australia.

6. Declaration

Review this section carefully. Enter your name, “Sole trader” as the position held, the date and submit the form.

Provide your ABN to DoorDash! (Most ABNs will come back immediately. If the Australian Business Register has questions regarding your ABN application, they will get in touch with you.)

7. Enter your ABN

  • Most ABNs will come back immediately.

  • If the Australian Business Register needs to ask you a few questions, they will get in touch with you.