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Elevating Dasher voices through the Dasher Community Council

Groups like the Dasher Community Council (DCC) ensure that Dashers have a seat at the table and a hand in shaping DoorDash's future.

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Giving a Voice: Meet the 2022 Australian Dasher Community Council Members

Every month, thousands of Australians dash to make extra income or support other passions. Dashers know the delivery experience better than anyone else, and their perspectives are vital to improving dashing overall.

We believe it’s important that Dashers have an opportunity to share their observations and opinions with DoorDash directly. One way we learn about improving the delivery experience is by connecting with groups that represent the unified Dasher voice across the globe.  DCC Australia members are not only passionate and motivated, but are also representative of the rich geographic, cultural, and experiential diversity of Australian-based Dashers.

Getting to know the DCC

The Dasher Community Council (DCC) is a representative and diverse group of Dashers that provides feedback to DoorDash on important Dasher topics like app functionality, new features, and a broad range of other issues affecting Dashers. Since launching in 2021, the DCC has acted as a sounding board for ideas, ensured ongoing engagement in the Dasher community, and helped brainstorm solutions to common Dasher challenges. The DCC operates at the national level in the United States, Canada, Australia & New Zealand.

Every half year, we invite  Applications from Dashers across the country to join the DCC.

The Dasher Community Council meets every month with key members from the DoorDash team to discuss specific topics or anything that's top of mind. Members of the DCC are awarded Top Dasher status for life and their role is to give their opinion of new features or programs that the DoorDash team is working on. Lately, the DCC has been pivotal in improving the overall quality of our platform in order to provide Dashers and Customers with the best experience. 

We're pleased to introduce the third cohort of the Australian Dasher Community Council, whose term started in July 2022 and will end in December 2022. 

Ahsan, dashing in Canberra, ACT


"I like to work as an independent worker in my own chosen time and place. I'm excited to join the Dasher Community Council to provide above and beyond services to the customers and maintain a safe working environment for the dashers."

Carly, dashing in Melbourne, VIC


"I enjoy the freedom and flexibility to dash, plus I love driving and being sociable. [...] I'm excited to join the Dasher Community Council to provide direct feedback and suggestions into improving the app experience."

Jason, dashing in Metford, NSW


"I love to Dash every week. In my spare time I earn more than I do in my normal disability support work and it supplements my income very nicely. I enjoy the camaraderie of other drivers as well. I'm excited to join the Dasher Community council to help improve the newcomer Dasher experience as everyone is different."

Shannon, dashing in Cairns, Qld


"I would like to be the best dasher in my city, This is what drives me to put the hours in that I do." 

Trudii, dashing in Brisbane, Qld


"I enjoy helping people :) My passion in life is seeing people smile and feel important."

The DCC sets out to effect positive change for Dashers and the broader community — and they’re doing a great job at improving the dashing experience for everyone. We look forward to sharing with you the key discussion points from the DCC.