Your Voice Matters: Meet Our New 2023 Dasher Community Council Members

Groups like the Dasher Community Council (DCC) ensure that Dashers who deliver with DoorDash have a hand in shaping DoorDash's future.

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Four years ago, DoorDash Australia launched and we have since taken some very long strides. We made it our mission to create a safe space where Dashers like you can provide feedback directly to us, actively contribute to shaping our platform and improve the delivery experience overall. In 2021, we successfully launched the DCC project, but it wouldn’t have been possible without your help. We received an overflow of interest and followed that up with securing our first Dasher Community Council. As we expanded our reach to New Zealand, we made a conscious effort to encourage representation of our Kiwi Dashers at the table as well. 

DCC ANZ members are not only customer-focused, driven and passionate but are also a strong representation of the rich geographic, cultural, and experiential diversity of who you are.

Getting to know the DCC

The Dasher Community Council (DCC) is a representative and diverse group of Dashers that provides feedback to DoorDash on important Dasher topics like app functionality, new features, and a broad range of other issues affecting Dashers. Since launching in 2021, the DCC has acted as a sounding board for ideas, ensured ongoing engagement in the Dasher community, and helped brainstorm solutions to common Dasher challenges. The DCC operates at the national level in the United States, Canada, Australia & New Zealand.

Every half year, we invite applications from Dashers across ANZ to join the DCC.

The Dasher Community Council meets every month with key members from the DoorDash team to discuss specific topics or anything that's top of mind. Members of the DCC are awarded Top Dasher status for life and their role is to give their opinion of new features or programs that the DoorDash team is working on. Lately, the DCC has been pivotal in improving the overall quality of our platform in order to provide Dashers and Customers with the best experience possible.

We’re excited to introduce you to the sixth cohort of the Australian and New Zealand Dasher Community Council, whose term started in July 2023 and will end in December 2023.

Meet the current DCC members (August to December 2023)

AU - Dx DCC H2 23 - James

James, Dashing in Brisbane, QLD

I want to promote inclusion for those with disabilities. I also see opportunities to provide feedback and suggestions to make the dasher experience more enjoyable and remove some of the daily frustrations experienced by dashers.

Dx - DCC AU H2 23 - Dean

Dean, dashing in Wellington, NZ

I have a lot of experience and knowledge of the food industry, food delivery system, food delivery workforce and gig work. My knowledge and experience can make significant contributions.

Dx - AU DCC H2 23 - Karandeep

Karendeep, dashing in Christchurch, NZ

I really want to help the community and other dashers by contributing to improving the Dasher product and experience, immigrant experience in gig work, safety, and the future of flexible and independent work.

Dx - AU DCC H2 23 - Nikhil

Nikhil, dashing in Wollongong, NSW

I want to be part of the voice which is the DoorDash Community by improving the Dasher product and experience, the immigrant experience in gig work, safety, as well as the future of flexible and independent work.

Dx - AU DCC H2 23 - Rick

Rick, dashing in Melbourne, VIC

I want to make the overall experience better for everyone by assisting with improving the Dasher product and experience, safety, and contributing to the future of flexible and independent work.

Dx - AU DCC H2 23 - Samantha

Samantha, dashing in Hervey Bay, QLD

Being a Dasher has allowed me to achieve things I didn’t think I could when also coping with health issues. If there are people in the same boat, I would love to be there and help encourage them too. I want to be a voice for other women to talk about the female experience in gig work. I want to continue to help increase inclusivity for those who identify as having a disability, whilst improving the Dasher product and experience.

Dx - AU DCC H2 23 - Stephen

Stephen, dashing in St Albans, VIC

I want to help improve the app for Dashers and customers and improve the Dasher product and experience.

Dx - AU DCC H2 23 - Zureen

Zureen, dashing in Sydney, NSW

I want to be able to make a difference in the Dasher experience, provide feedback and raise any ideas I have in the right forum. I feel as though multiple ideas do pop into my head during my time of Dashing and now there will be an opportunity and a platform to voice them in.