Introducing DashMart Grocery Orders for DoorDash Delivery

Learn about our new ways to earn while delivering with DoorDash.


DashMart is now dashing in 3 cities! 

DashMart is a new way for you to maximise your earnings on every dash and a new kind of convenience for our customers. 

DashMart is a grocery store and warehousing service owned and operated by DoorDash that sells everything from fresh meats, produce, and baked goods to household essentials, personal care items, medicine and more. 

In June 2022, we opened our first DashMart site in Sydney. Since then, we have launched in Melbourne and Brisbane metro areas, and now consumers can have groceries delivered fresh and fast in 3 cities!

How is DashMart different from other Grocery offers on DoorDash?

The key difference between other grocery orders, such as Coles Shop and Delivery on DoorDash, vs DashMart is the fact we have professional packers on-site. That’s why we’ve been able to achieve a wait time of only 2-3 minutes on average. For Dashers, this would mean DashMart offers are similar to restaurant offers where you can click and collect, and dash directly to the customer!

How do I receive DashMart offers?

You don’t have to do anything special, just be on an active dash in our DashMart catchment areas in metro Sydney, Brisbane or Melbourne. As offers come through, they will be assigned to the appropriate Dasher.

Night time is prime time 

Over 50% of our orders come in at night time. Dash smart with DashMart by capturing our high demand peak times! 

Recharge In Our Dasher Lounge 

Grab some mid-dash refreshments and use our charging stations if you need to. We have a comfortable space for you to relax, accompanied by some goodies ready for you.

There are also dedicated Dasher parking spots for even more convenient pickups in our Sydney and Brisbane sites.

Look out for DashMart orders in the Dasher App now, we can't wait to see you there!