5 Common Myths About Delivering with DoorDash in Sydney

Looking for a new gig in Sydney? Consider delivering with DoorDash. Here are 5 things that might surprise you about being a Dasher.

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MYTH #1: It costs money to sign up 

Nope! Signing up as a Dasher is quick and completely free. Sign up today

You’ll need to be at least 18, plus:

We’ll need to do a background check before you can hit the road. This is also 100% free but takes a couple of days to be processed. Once it comes through, you’ll be activated straight away and you can start your first Dash!

  • Top Tip: Get your ABN sorted first, and make sure you have your ID and any applicable visa documents handy when signing up.

MYTH #2: You get assigned delivery times and areas

Not at all! As a Dasher, you can dash wherever you are. Maybe you’re visiting family in another town for a few days. Maybe you’re crashing at your mate’s for a week or two. Maybe you’re keen to explore a different suburb each month. Simply open your app and start dashing!

You also get to dash when it suits you. This flexibility to choose your schedule is what many Dashers love most. Whatever your other commitments – study, family, community, sports – it’s easy to schedule your dashes around them in the Dasher app. 

Found yourself with extra time on your hands? Sign in to the app and if your area is busy, you’ll see the option to Dash Now.

  • Top Tip: As a new Dasher, you’ll get a 14-day trial of Top Dasher status, which lets you dash at any time and get priority on available dashes.

I live in Campbelltown so that's where I normally dash. My mother lives in the Sutherland Shire, so I dash there when I'm visiting her.

-Michael, Top Dasher


MYTH #3: You won’t earn that much

Also not true! There are plenty of ways to dash smarter, not harder, and earn more.

While you’re dashing, check the map for Hot Spots, shown with a flame icon. Heading to a current Hotspot can give you a better chance of receiving offers. You can also see historical hotspots, which gives you an indication of areas that are usually busy at that time.

At the busiest times (usually around lunch and dinner), you can get paid up to $4.50 more per offer. You’ll see those dashes marked as “Peak Pay”.

  • Top Tip: To snag a spot during the lunch or dinner rush, you can schedule a dash up to 5 days in advance

MYTH #4: You need a car 

Not necessarily! You can dash with just about any vehicle, and switch between vehicles at a tap in the Dasher app. Using a car or motorbike means you’ll have access to longer distance dashes, and it may be easier to dash in other cities or towns. However, many Dashers prefer a bike for local dashes as it can be much easier and cheaper than a car. 

An e-bike is an efficient, environmentally friendly way to get around – and as a Dasher, you can get special discounts on e-bike rental with Zoomo. For example, if you sign up and start dashing before the end of June 2022, you’ll get your first 2 weeks Zoomo e-bike subscription absolutely free, then 10% discount on your weekly subscription.

  • Top Tip: Keep track of any expenses you may be able to deduct from your earnings, such as mileage (fuel/vehicle costs) and tolls. Dashers are independent contractors, so it’s up to you to complete your required tax form. For more information, visit the ATO website.

MYTH #5: It’s all fast food from big chains

No way! We’re proud of the role we play connecting local businesses with customers in their neighbourhood who want to support them. You’ll get a variety of offers, and not just restaurant orders – you might find yourself dashing pet supplies, flowers, stationery, groceries, or even a tin of paint!

The more you dash in your area, the more you and your local merchants will get to know each other – which can make pickups smoother and faster. Every order will be paid for before you arrive, and if you have to wait a few moments, this is a perfect time to preview your route and any special delivery instructions.

  • Top Tip: Once you’ve built up a track record as a Dasher, you can qualify for Drive Large Order Deliveries. These are offers which can be claimed in advance on the Schedule page of your app.

When I first started, I didn't realise they kept the food in the warmer until the Dasher arrived. The crew were so busy so I just took the drinks from the counter. I had to go back for the food - oops!

-Michael, Top Dasher

Ready to dash?

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