Deliver with DoorDash in New South Wales? Learn the New Rules for Dashers.

DoorDash provides free safety kits to Dashers in Sydney and New South Wales to comply with regulations.

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New laws from the NSW Government are now in effect to ensure all scooter, motorbike and bicycle Dashers have the right equipment to undertake deliveries safely and compliantly.

In order to increase the safety of delivery riders, the New South Wales government is enforcing new regulations for Dashers using a motorcycle, scooter or bicycle. Get to know the rules and avoid on-the-spot fines. 

What has changed? 

Safety Gear Obligations

Since 1 July 2022, all Dashers in New South Wales using a motorcycle, scooter or bicycle must now have the following equipment to ensure they are complying with the new regulations and delivering safely* 

  1. High-Visibility Outerwear (must meet the AS/NZS 4602.1-2011 standard) to be worn by day and night to ensure you are visible on the road by other riders and drivers. 

  2. A Hot-Bag/Backpack With Reflective Strips (must meet the AS/NZS 1906.4:2010 standard)

When you sign-up as a Dasher  in New South Wales on a motorcycle, scooter or bicycle, you will receive a Dasher kit upon activation, including a compliant hot bag, high-visibility vest, as well as face masks and hand sanitiser. 

If you are already a Dasher in New South Wales on a motorcycle, scooter or bicycle, and haven't ordered your safety kit, your account will be temporarily suspended. Please contact us so we can get you earning on the road as soon as possible.

Safety Training Records

From 1 January 2023, you will be required to undertake a safety training course and keep a record that you have completed the training. Once you complete the course, you will receive an email including a certificate. We recommend that you save the certificate in your phone storage. 

What this means for you

From 1 July 2022, if you ride in NSW you must wear the high-visibility vest and delivery bag provided by DoorDash or another food delivery platform while delivering with DoorDash or any other delivery platform. 

From 1 January 2022, you must have a Training Verification Record available for inspection. This record will be supplied to you by DoorDash upon completion of the training course.

Should a rider fail to wear the PPE provided or have their training verification record available then they could receive an on-the-spot fine of $144 and face de-activation of their Dasher Account.

Do you have any questions? Contact our Virtual Support Office during opening hours.