Pharmacy "Home Pick Up" Offers Now Available to DoorDash Delivery Drivers

Dashers can pick up prescriptions from a customer's home and take it to the pharmacy to be filled. It's a new way to deliver with DoorDash.

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What is a Pharmacy Home Pick Up delivery?

These deliveries involve collecting a medicine prescription from a customer’s home and taking it to a pharmacy to be filled. Just like a regular order, but in reverse!

Less waiting around  

Your pace won’t rely on a restaurant or store preparing the order.

More Earning Opportunities 

More off peak orders mean more chances for you to dash throughout the day outside of peak hours. 

How do Pharmacy Home Pick Up orders work?

Rather than collecting an item from a pharmacy and delivering it to a customer, Dashers will collect an item from a customer’s home and deliver it to a pharmacy. Offers will pop up in your Dasher App with a store name including “Home Pickup”.

1. Accept the offer  

Just like any other order, accept the offer in the Dasher App.

2. Pick up the prescription  

Visit the customer's home address, ensuring the prescription is in an opaque envelope.

3. Deliver to the pharmacy  

Deliver the customer’s prescription to the designated pharmacy. Easy!

Note:  Prescriptions must be transported securely in a sealed opaque envelope. Do not take any items from customers if they are not in a sealed opaque envelope.

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Questions & Answers

What is a Pharmacy Home Pickup delivery?  

Pharmacy Home Pick Up deliveries allow customers to have their paper prescription delivered to a pharmacy rather than having to go to a pharmacy themselves and wait in line. Dashers who accept these offers will collect a sealed envelope containing a prescription from a customer's home and deliver it to the designated pharmacy.

Do I have to sign up separately for Pharmacy Home Pickup delivery offers? 

No, they’ll simply appear within the app as orders for you to accept or decline, just like any other delivery except for that the store name will contain “Home Pickup”. With it, you’ll see the estimated payout. 

How much money will I make for these types of deliveries?  

Your pay for these orders will be shown on the acceptance screen.

What should I do if the prescription is not in a sealed opaque envelope?  

Inform the customer you are unable to accept the item unless it is in a sealed opaque envelope. If they are unable to provide the item in a sealed opaque envelope, contact Dasher support to be unassigned.

Look out for Pharmacy Home Pick Up offers in the Dasher App now!