Wayne from Vancouver, B.C.

People from all walks of life deliver with DoorDash. Meet Wayne.

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Meet Canadian Dasher Wayne B., who, like many Dashers, turned to delivering with DoorDash as an alternative source of income.

Unfortunately, two years ago, Wayne lost two jobs in quick succession but found that dashing offered him the added flexibility and stability to earn and sustain a living.

Since Wayne started dashing, he’s found a lot to love. First, dashing helps Wayne get out into the community, where he can meet and interact with new people.

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He also really appreciates the consistent earning opportunities dashing affords him.

“I love dashing in the community. I dash because of the combination of friendly staff and customers at restaurants coupled with consistent orders.”

When it comes to making the most of the dash, Wayne has found that being people-focused keeps him motivated and inspired.

“The best part of dashing has been making people happy [on] just about every delivery. Not every service provider can say that.”

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Wayne has found so much success dashing that he decided to get involved in a significant way. He served on the inaugural Voices from Dashers of Color Council, which was formed to create a safe, inclusive space to share experiences and amplify ideas relevant to Dashers of Color.

You can learn more about the Voices from Dashers of Color Council here.