How to Deliver Flowers with DoorDash

Learn how to transport flowers safely, keep them fresh, and ensure a seamless delivery experience.

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Nothing compares to the feeling of receiving a bouquet of flowers. They're a timeless way to celebrate special moments, big or small, and as a Dasher, delivering joy through fresh blooms has never been easier. However, unlike some food or grocery orders, bouquets, vases, and arrangements require special care during transportation. In this guide, we'll provide tips from seasoned Dashers on how to deliver flowers and keep the bouquets beautiful and intact from pickup to presentation.

What is Shop & Deliver on DoorDash?

Shop & Deliver is a service within the DoorDash platform that allows Dashers to pick up and deliver items beyond restaurant deliveries. Dashers can shop for customers' grocery, alcohol, convenience, and retail orders. 

What are the advantages of delivering flowers?

Besides diversifying your delivery tasks and changing up the repetition of food deliveries, ​when Dashers deliver flowers, it can be a significant morale booster. You often get to partake in meaningful moments, such as birthdays, anniversaries, and other celebratory events, effectively making you a part of someone's happiness and cherished memories. 

Plus, there are plenty of other perks of delivering flowers: 

  • Being your own boss: Dashers are free to take control of their work, working as independent contractors.

  • Flexible scheduling options: Dashers enjoy the flexibility of setting their own hours and accepting offers at their convenience.

  • Earning potential: Dashers keep 100% of customer tips on top of Base Pay and eligible promotions.

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How to transport flowers in a car

Delivering flowers requires careful attention and consideration. Delicate blooms require special handling and care to ensure they reach their destination in perfect condition. Here are some tips from experienced dashers on fulfilling flower deliveries.

  • Safely store flowers: Ensure your vehicle is clean and free of clutter. Use boxes or crates to prevent the flowers from tipping over. If you're transporting multiple orders, consider using dividers.

  • Keep flowers fresh: Flowers must be kept in a cool and somewhat humid environment to stay fresh. Use your car's air conditioning to maintain a temperate climate, and avoid placing the flowers in direct sunlight.

  • Transfer flowers carefully from your vehicle: Move gracefully and steadily when transporting flowers from your car to the customer's door. If necessary, make more than one trip to ensure each bouquet is handled with care.

Tips for transporting flowers in a vase 

To deliver flowers that are already in a vase, avoiding spillage or tipping is key. Use a flat surface, wedges, or non-slip mats to keep the vase upright during transit. Consider placing it on the floor of your vehicle, securing it in a cardboard box, or using your vehicle's cup holder if the vase fits. It’s also a good idea to ask the flower shop if they have extra bubble wrap or tissue paper for wrapping the vase to provide an additional layer of protection. This can help prevent potential damage to the flowers or vase and ensure they arrive safely. 

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Tips for flower delivery without a vase 

When delivering flowers without a vase, a helpful tip is to keep the flowers hydrated, especially in warm climates or during long delivery runs. Consider filling a bucket with a small amount of water to keep the ends wet. If you're worried about spillage from the bucket, you could put damp paper towels in the bucket to wrap the stems with — this simple technique can help the flowers stay fresh and vibrant for longer periods. 

Additional tips for delivering flowers in a car

It's important to clean and make space in a vehicle before transporting flowers, to prevent any debris from damaging the blooms. Here are some additional tips from experienced Dashers to take into account:

  • Keep cool: Turn the air conditioning on while transporting flowers to extend their life, and avoid placing them near heat sources like vents or direct sunlight to prevent wilting.

  • Avoid overpacking: Crowding can crush flowers, twist or break petals and stems, and ultimately spoil the arrangement's intended aesthetic arrangement.

  • Drive smoothly: Quick stops or sharp turns can damage floral arrangements, so smooth driving can help avoid spillage from a vase and keep everything in place.

If and when you're unsure about the best way to handle flower deliveries, engage with the florist! They can provide valuable insights and specific instructions to maintain the bouquet's presentation. Florists are your partners in ensuring customer satisfaction and a seamless delivery experience.

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Deliver flowers with care

Flower delivery on DoorDash is an excellent opportunity for gig work that does not involve delivering food. And following these tips from seasoned Dashers can help each flower arrive in pristine condition, ready to bring a smile to someone's face. Remember to engage with florists, maintain a suitable environment for transportation, and handle each delivery with a delicate touch.

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