See Why E-Bikes Are Trending for Food Delivery in Australian Cities

Dashers in the city see various benefits from delivery on an e-bike. Learn why this method is trending in places like Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane.

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No one likes to waste time in traffic, and it’s especially frustrating for anyone who is on the clock. So it’s not always easy to be a Dasher stuck in the middle of a traffic jam in Sydney, Melbourne, or Brisbane, just trying to pick up or drop off a customer’s order. 

Nowadays, congestion is a way of life in urban centers, which is one reason some Dashers are turning to bikes and e-bikes. As Australia’s Bicycle Network states, “More than half the trips made by private vehicles are less than 5km, and e-bikes can cover these distances while avoiding traffic and saving a hunt for a car park.” 

Dashers in the city can deliver more sustainably, beat the traffic, and potentially earn more by dashing with an e-bike.  Whether you're thinking about becoming a Dasher in Australia or are already dashing with a car, read on to learn about the differences and benefits of delivery on an e-bike.

Earn more by saving time

Stuck at a stand-still? One of the advantages of delivering with DoorDash by e-bike is potential time savings. This is especially important during peak hours like the lunch rush, when urban centers can get tied in knots in highly congested neighborhoods. 

An e-bike can make its way around snarls and quickly find a route through back alleys to pick up food and get it to its destination while it’s still warm. Plus, an e-bike is easier to park and won’t slow you down.

Watch Chris zip through Brisbane on an e-bike he hired from Zoomo and see if it inspires you to try it too.

Keep active and sustainable dashing

Delivering by e-bike allows Dashers to enjoy the outdoors while taking in the local scenery in a way that simply isn’t possible in a car or truck. At the same time, Dashers on e-bikes can also reduce fuel emissions by choosing a more sustainable vehicle. 

With 19% of Australia’s emissions coming from the transport sector, reduction efforts are encouraged through behaviors such as switching to e-bikes.

Delivering by e-bike offers health benefits as well. While it may not be a high cardiovascular activity, riding an e-bike is an example of the moderate exercise many doctors recommend. Dashers can feel good about putting in a few extra hours of moderate exercise without having to sacrifice any time spent earning on the road.

Easier to get started quickly

Another reason Dashers like e-bikes is for the cost savings they offer. Whether you’re buying or renting an e-bike, they cost much less than a car. Servicing an e-bike is a lot less expensive than servicing a car as well, and there’s no fuel cost associated either. 

So if you’re ready to get started and you don’t want to invest a lot of money in a vehicle, an e-bike might be your ticket to earning with DoorDash.

Switch vehicles with ease

Delivering with an e-bike doesn’t mean you need to give up the convenience of your car, either. It’s easy for Dashers to switch back and forth between vehicles throughout a shift, depending on traffic, the weather, or personal preferences. 

In the suburbs or picking up a large order? Rely on your car

Many Dashers who appreciate the flexibility of switching back and forth between cars and e-bikes prefer a car when delivering larger orders, and when delivering in the suburbs, where driving is less prone to the congestion of cities. 

Rush hour in the middle of the city? E-bike is your friend

For smaller orders, especially in crowded urban centers, many prefer e-bikes. Simply switch from your car to your bike whenever you want and accept offers tailored to your vehicle’s capabilities. 

Dashing lets you enjoy the flexibility of having multiple vehicles at any given time, so we encourage Dashers to take advantage of these benefits.

If you don’t have a second vehicle, but you’re interested in exploring delivery by e-bike, there are rental options available to you as well. For example, Dashers are entitled to a range of exclusive Zoomo discounts on both rent and purchase plans.

Safety first

If you’re ready to try delivering by e-bike, remember to take precautions to protect yourself from other vehicles. Take care to be highly visible, always ride on the dedicated paths (never on footpaths), wear a helmet, and follow local rules and ordinances. 

For example, New South Wales requires Dashers to wear high-visibility outerwear and reflective strips. Dashers in NSW should feel free to contact Dasher support to request their free high-visibility delivery kit. 

But no matter where you’re located, we have a range of safety equipment available in the Dasher Gear Store

Give it a try sometime

If you are a resident of Sydney, Melbourne, or Brisbane, maybe it’s time to try delivering on an e-bike. When you’re ready to get started — including accessing DoorDash e-bike discounts — sign up today.


Diana Donovan

Diana Donovan