How DoorDash Promotes Safety for Women Dashers

More than half of all Dashers identify as women, and DoorDash is committed to advancing safety for these Dashers.

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While more than 99.99% of all deliveries are completed without any safety-related incidents, when there is a stressful situation, or a Dasher feels unsafe, it can stand out. Delivering to customers is perceived as having fewer inherent risks compared to other types of gig work, such as rideshare, and there's an extensive suite of support features available to all Dashers.

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Dasher safety is a priority at DoorDash

The gig economy continues to grow, with the number of active freelance workers in the US projected to reach 76.4 million in 2024. Research from TeamStage suggests that more than half the US workforce will likely participate in the gig economy by 2027, and its expansion is currently three times faster than the American workforce as a whole. Of the current gig workforce, 52% identify as male and 48% identify as female.

Because 60% of Dashers identify as women, DoorDash has made safety a top priority. In a comprehensive survey conducted in 2021, 97% of women Dashers reported that they preferred delivery over rideshare, and 77% noted that they didn't want strangers in their cars. DoorDash has also developed robust safety features to help Dashers feel seen, secure, and supported.

Safety considerations for female Dashers

When women consider delivering with DoorDash, they may take stock of the potential situations they might have to navigate. Delivering at night, dashing in unfamiliar areas, and contentious customer interactions may be a source of anxiety.

At DoorDash, we’ve developed various safety features to help support Dashers in case they run into potential issues. For instance, Porch Light Reminders prompt customers with a notification to turn on their porch or house lights when their delivery order is nearby. This makes it easier to find the dropoff location, spend less time outside their vehicle, and observe their surroundings during deliveries. When out and about at a late hour, this can make it easier for Dashers to find the right residence in an unfamiliar part of town.

The SafeDash Location Sharing feature allows Dashers to share their location with up to five trusted contacts in real-time while they're dashing. They may also be alerted if you've had to call 911 for any reason. For an extra level of comfort, you can designate an Emergency Contact in your Dasher app, and the Dasher support team can contact that person if there’s an emergency while dashing and we’re not able to reach you. 

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"Don't let anyone ruin your vibe. Sometimes, you drop off a package, and that person might have had a bad day, and they could take it out on you. Just remember you have no idea what happened to them that day or what they're going through — so do your best not to let it affect you." 

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Resources for Women

DoorDash resources that help women stay safe when dashing

Porch Light Reminders, Location Sharing, and Emergency Contact features are only a few of the resources available to help women stay safe while dashing. There are many more, powered in part by DoorDash's collaboration with trusted professionals such as ADT and Samdesk:

  • Safety Reassurance Call is a feature that lets you contact an ADT agent easily and directly at your own discretion. This representative will stay on the line with you and dispatch emergency services to your last known location.

  • SafeDash™ Check-In is an automatic follow-up that's sent to your phone if a dash is taking longer than expected — and if you can't answer, or reply e, you'll receive a call from an ADT safety agent who can provide assistance, or contact 911 if necessary.

  • Emergency Assistance Button is a function in the DoorDash Dasher app that lets you immediately and inconspicuously connect with an agent at ADT, who will share your location with 911 emergency services. They'll also stay in touch with you via text message.

  • Real-time Safety Alerts are also delivered straight to your smartphone through Samdesk, which specialises in global crisis detection. If there's an active emergency in an area near you — whether natural or manmade — we can alert you and cancel orders close to the area to help you prioritise safety.

Beyond partnerships with third-party professionals, there are also safety features on the platform that provide enhanced support, or allow you to seek help from the DoorDash team. SafeChat+ is a feature that flags offensive and abusive language between a customer and a Dasher in-app and reminds the sender of the potential consequences of inappropriate behavior. Meanwhile, the Dasher who received the message in question has the option to report the issue and unassign the delivery.

And if you have an interaction that makes you feel uncomfortable and unsafe, in-app SafeDash Reporting allows you to easily and quickly report any safety incidents while dashing, or after, from within the Dasher app. 

Remember that there is never any impact on your ratings or ability to dash for reporting a safety incident. Some Dashers may worry that their Dasher rating will be impacted if they report a customer's bad behavior or need to cancel a delivery for a safety reason. Please be assured that this is not the case — your safety remains a priority.


"Restaurants can get backed up with orders, which is stressful for them, and it can affect you and the customer waiting for their food. But patience helps you become more aware and compassionate. Being stressed about something you can't control doesn't make anyone move any faster."

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How DoorDash Support is a key safety resource

If you do ever have any problems or concerns, the DoorDash Support team and DoorDash Trust and Safety team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. They can help support you if there is a problematic situation