Why We Dash: Work and Life as a Delivery Driver

Dashers explain why they are taking advantage of the new gig economy.

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DoorDash delivery bag and Dasher

There’s not just one motivation for being a Dasher. Delivery drivers with DoorDash come from all walks of life, and their reasons for dashing are as many and varied as the items they deliver. As these Dashers explain, they made the choice because driving with DoorDash enabled them to better support the lives they want to live, whether they need to spend more time with family, pursue personal projects, or study for their classes.

Why Ty became a Dasher

Dasher Ty

Flexibility is king when it comes to the Dasher lifestyle. Work when you want to. Stop when you need to. And get out of the house when you’re completely sick of staring at screens all day — which is something that Ty M., a Dasher from Albany, really appreciates.

I’ve found dashing to be refreshing, even relaxing, after a long day of studying, cooped up inside.

Ty M., Dasher, Albany, NY

Even future doctors know money can be tight, but they also know nothing is more valuable than time itself. When Dasher Ty hits his limit studying biology and phenomenology, he doesn’t give up on the dream of becoming an M.D. He doubles down on dashing, delivering hot meals to Albany, NY customers.    

Bridget dashes to support her passion projects

Harry Styles. Taylor Swift. Phoebe Bridgers. These are just a few household-name musicians that Bridget C. has photographed while supplementing her income as a delivery driver with DoorDash. 

I enjoy working [with] DoorDash since with [my] crazy touring schedule I can work extra hours [when] I am back home ... It allows me to have a flexible schedule and work when I want, which is something that is priceless to me. I can take time off — or work as much as I want to.

Bridget C., Dasher, Philadelphia, PA

With the gig economy here to stay, workers in almost every industry are going freelance. Creative work can be immensely rewarding, but it’s rarely consistent. For Bridget, dashing means she can guarantee an income and keep pursuing her career, even when her photography unexpectedly takes her to new places.

Imagine the freedom of a gig that doesn’t require begging for time off when the opportunity of a lifetime arises. When Pitchfork calls, or you get a ring from Phoebe’s road manager, you just do it. Pack your camera. Crush the shoot. Show up back home after the gig, ready to drive with DoorDash again. Schedule your gigs in the way that works for you.

Supplemental income allows D’Shea more family time

Whether they’re pursuing passion projects or taking care of their kids, the biggest advantage for Dashers is simple: DoorDash allows them to set their own hours. 

Why dashing? Flexibility and the money. You can make as much money as you need to. You can dash anywhere. Let’s say I go on vacation somewhere, I can go dash… Wherever you have a dashing circumference, you can go dash.

D'Shea, Dasher , Queens, NY

For D’Shea, a Dasher from Queens, NY, the ability to set her own hours allows her to look after her daughter, who has cerebral palsy, while tending to her health and wellness business. 

dx spotlight dshea1

And D’Shea isn’t the only one who has found dashing invaluable when it comes to supporting a family: this is something that Valerie really values as well.

Dashing has helped me support my family and take a few mini-vacations. It is money that allows me to get groceries or gifts for holidays. I love that I can set my own hours, work as much as I want, and interact with people.

Valerie, Dasher, Lisle, Illinois

But it’s not just the extra money that Valerie finds meaningful: dashing has given her multiple opportunities to forge connections with new people. “You never know someone's story and why they may be ordering takeout.”

DoorDash helps Dashers learn their local area

Some intrepid local explorers drive with DoorDash to gain a better lay of the land. A day spent moving from restaurant to residence over and over again means each delivery driver with DoorDash gains a deeper understanding of their local communities. 

Remember future Doctor Ty from Albany? He can now take a date to breakfast, lunch, and dinner at a great spot on any day of the week, as dashing has given him a lock on the best spots in town.  

Lately, I have been picking up orders from restaurants that I have never been to before. I've found a lot of good food spots this way. On a similar note, dashing has allowed me to go out and familiarize myself with the Albany area.

Ty M., Dasher, Albany, NY

Ty isn’t the only one who appreciated getting to know his local area. Moving to a new place can be daunting, but for Bridget, dashing helped her find her way around when she first moved to Philadelphia.

dx spotlight BridgetCraig6

Dashing] has helped me become more confident in spaces I don’t know, such as new restaurants. It [also] helped me learn Philadelphia when I first moved here.

Bridget C., Dasher, Philadelphia, PA

Todd opts for dashing over rideshare apps

When it comes to driving-based gigs, rideshare apps are another option that also offer flexibility and supplemental income. However, after working for rideshare apps for years, Todd S. found that delivering with DoorDash allowed him much more control over his environment.

Over the past few years I had been driving rideshare as a part-time job, but after Covid hit I needed something more reliable. [Working primarily with DoorDash] last summer allowed me to use a business model I was familiar with, but without needing to transport passengers in my family vehicle.

Todd S., Dasher, Branson, MO

Delivery drivers with DoorDash don’t have to risk what ends up in their vehicle. They just pick up tasty meals from local vendors and bring them to happy patrons. No intoxicated passengers. No left-behind items. No problem.  

Wayne sums up why dashing works

Unlike full-time jobs and their ongoing demands, dashing is performed by independent contractors who can choose how much they work, how often they work, and who they choose to work for.

I love dashing in the community. I dash because of the combination of friendly staff and customers at restaurants coupled with consistent orders.

Wayne B. , Dasher, Vancouver, B.C.
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Dashers enjoy freedom, flexibility, and an easy way to rediscover the city they live in. Want to experience a connection to a community like Wayne in Vancouver, or discover your city like Bridget in Philly? Sign up to become a Dasher


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