Perks & Rewards

There is a lot of upside to working as a delivery driver with DoorDash. To make dashing the best gig available, we offer perks and rewards that acknowledge Dashers and their hard work all year long.

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Savings and rewards

Whether you need an oil change, want help with your taxes, or are interested in digital marketing, we’ve partnered with some incredible national brands like CarAdvise, Everlance, and Merit America to help you get more out of the dash.

Dash to your earnings goals

With DoorDash, you’re already on the road to achieving your goals – and we want to help you stay on track. Access the 'Earnings' screen in the Dasher app and see how you’re tracking towards your goal.

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Earning opportunities for dedicated Dashers

On the first of every month, Dashers who meet the qualifications are welcomed into the Top Dasher Program, where they receive access to the in-app 'Dash Now' button 24/7.

Top Dashers keep their status the next month and each month they maintain those qualifications.