DoorDash Bike Delivery Guide: Everything You Need to Know about Bike Dashing

Dashers find a lot to love about delivering with DoorDash on a bike. Here's your guide to bike dashing.

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You don't need a car to dash. In fact, many Bike Dashers don't have or want one, and those that do want to limit the mileage on their car. Bike delivery — that is, delivering food and grocery orders by bike — offers a set of unique benefits that don't require a vehicle. As a Bike Dasher on two wheels, you're not just delivering restaurant or grocery orders, you're navigating new neighborhoods, learning your city, and getting in a workout on the job — all while earning on your own schedule.

Whether you're a first-time Dasher or experienced delivery driver, here's everything you need to know about bike dashing.

Can you deliver with DoorDash on a bike?

Yes! Whether you're in the suburbs or the city, your bike is your tool to earn. 

"You don't have to worry about looking for a parking space. That's one of the most frustrating parts of delivering via car, especially in the city." 

Khanin, Bike Dasher, Toronto

Bike dashing is a flexible, greener, and leaner delivery option for Dashers looking to dodge traffic, reduce their environmental impact, and enjoy a little exercise while earning. Whether you're a biking novice or seasoned cyclist, bike dashing is a fun, convenient, and efficient way to deliver.

How does bike delivery work?

Bike delivery works the same as car delivery. When you make "Bicycle" your default vehicle type in the DoorDash Dasher app, you'll get bike-friendly offers from restaurants near you. This includes the option of delivery via e-bike, which is a choice many Dashers make for more flexibility in urban areas.

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What are the advantages of bike delivery jobs?

The benefits of bike delivery are endless, from improved fitness and lower costs to reduced emissions and flexible ways to earn. Here are seven major advantages of bike delivery jobs:

Save on costs

As a Bike Dasher, you'll have lower expenses than you would with a car. That means more of your money stays in your pocket. 

 "The operating costs of running a bike are incredibly low, so that allows me to keep more earnings from dashing."

Hiro, Bike Dasher, Chicago

Here's how you'll save:

No fuel costs: Unlike car delivery, you won't need to spend money on gas to get around.
Lower maintenance costs: You'll only need to occasionally replace bike parts like tires, chains, and brakes.
No parking: You won't have to worry about parking.
Lower initial investment: Buying and maintaining a bike is less expensive than a car, making bike dashing a good entry point to dashing.

Deliver faster, earn more

Delivering on a bike allows Dashers to take faster routes. Bikes also have a more limited distance they can travel so they won't be sent all over town. That means Bike Dashers can often dash more — and faster — than car Dashers. The more deliveries and tasks you complete, the more possibilities to earn.

"I take shortcuts through small alleys or bike lanes in parks to get to the customer's place faster than on a regular route." 

Khanin, Bike Dasher, Toronto 

Explore your city and find community

What better way is there to explore the ins and outs of your city than by biking? As a Bike Dasher, you'll learn which routes are the fastest and the most scenic. Every day is a new adventure. Plus, many cities will have bike courier communities for Dashers to join.

Set your own schedule

Bike delivery is a great gig for those looking for a flexible work schedule. Whether you're an artist, a graduate student, or a professional looking to earn some extra income, you work when you want.

Exercise and earn

Whether you're an aspiring athlete or want to keep a regular workout routine, dashing on a bike has built-in health benefits.

Go green

Bikes are a zero-emission mode of transportation, making bike dashing a greener delivery option. Prefer an e-bike? DoorDash has partnered with Dirwin and Whizz to offer exclusive savings to Bike Dashers on e-bike rentals.

Beat the traffic

As a Bike Dasher, you can beat rush hour traffic to deliver faster and earn more — especially as more cities increase the number of dedicated bike lanes. Plus, a huge benefit is that you don't have to worry about finding parking.

Are there any restrictions with bike dashing?

Bike Dashers can accept bike-friendly orders, which just means you won't be able to accept large catering orders or items like hot drinks, soups, or pizza. Inclement weather may also affect how and when you want to deliver by bike.

Ready to start bike dashing?

Bike dashing is a great way to dash greener, leaner, and faster. Not only do you save on fuel and maintenance costs, you will exercise while you earn, learn to navigate your city, reduce your carbon footprint, and work on a flexible schedule — all while avoiding traffic and parking. 

As a Bike Dasher, you'll always decide when, where, and how much you work. Interested? Sign up to become a Bike Dasher today.