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Resources for Dasher financial success

DoorDash has partnered with TurboTax Canada to provide Dashers with a 20% discount on TurboTax Self-Employed products, ensuring tax deductions for people who deliver with DoorDash.

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Dashers want to make the most out of their earnings on the platform – and we’re committed to supporting their financial success through a variety of programs and tools.

Our recent survey revealed that about 40 percent of Canadian Dashers are earning on the app to work toward a specific financial target. We want to help them get there. That’s why we offer support on a multitude of topics to help Dashers improve their financial literacy and meet their financial goals.

Tax Assistance

With Canada’s tax deadline approaching, DoorDash has partnered with TurboTax Canada to ensure that every Dasher gets all of the self-employed tax deductions they deserve and can file their taxes with ease, with a discount. 

This partnership ensures that Dashers save 20% on TurboTax Self-Employed, which offers easy access to tools and resources to help prepare them for the upcoming tax season as a self-employed taxpayer including a tax refund estimator, planning checklists and much more. 

With TurboTax Self-Employed, Dashers can feel confident that they’re getting every tax break they deserve as it is designed specifically to support personal and business taxes for independent contractors and freelancers.This includes:

  • Industry-specific guidance helps find credits and deductions specific to your line of work and personal situation.

  • Unlimited advice from tax experts who know self-employment taxes inside and out –all year long.*

  • Personalized matching to a dedicated expert who will handle your taxes from start to finish.**

Financial Literacy

In addition to supporting Dashers on matters related to taxes, we have established partnerships with organizations that provide free financial literacy resources to Dashers. These partnerships include working with ABC Skills Hub, an online learning portal that offers courses on financial literacy that Dashers can complete at their own pace. 

Dashers can access their Money Matters financial literacy program which has customized workbooks for newcomers to Canada, Indigenous Peoples and those with diverse abilities. 

This year, DoorDash also partnered with Woodgreen Community Services to launch the first financial empowerment program for Dashers across Canada. This program helps Dashers in Canada jump start their financial acumen and build a foundation for financial literacy.

The financial empowerment program consists of a series of in-person and remote financial education workshops, as well as informative webinar videos, available on-demand. To learn more about WoodGreen's financial empowerment programs and services, please visit

Ongoing Support

Throughout the year, we will continue to share additional financial empowerment resources. If you want to get access to these resources, sign up to be a Dasher! 

What to expect once you sign up:

  • Background check might take 3-5 days. 

  • Complete your first dash so that we can send you your welcome kit that includes a hot bag and a red card. 

  • Dashing gets better - while the first few offers will help you learn the tricks of the trade, once you complete a few, you’ll be on a roll.

  • The App is super user-friendly with features to best navigate the gig - interactive maps, hot spots, safety features, DoorDash support etc.

  • Once you complete your first few dashes, your first payment will be deposited into the bank account you link to your Dasher profile. Payments for the previous week are issued on Mondays and take 2-3 days to appear in your bank account. If you’re eligible, you can sign up for Fast Pay, which allows you to cash out your earnings daily for a small fee of $1.99.

We’ll continue to partner on what matters the most to you!

* TurboTax Assist & Review products only
** TurboTax Full Service products only.
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