How to Deliver Alcohol with DoorDash as a Dasher

Explore how delivering alcohol with DoorDash opens up new earning opportunities for Dashers, and learn about the practices and regulations that ensure responsible deliveries.

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Being a Dasher means you have a variety of delivery options, from groceries to pizza to flowers and alcohol. By delivering alcohol with DoorDash, Dashers have another opportunity to maximize their earnings.

To deliver alcohol, Dashers must be of legal drinking age, have a valid government-issued ID, and as required, complete any relevant delivery modules available in the DoorDash Dasher app.

When delivering alcohol with DoorDash, Dashers have legal responsibilities to ensure alcohol is not delivered to minors or individuals who are visibly intoxicated. That means additional layers of safety and verification are required, starting with identity checks and age verification, assessing the recipient's sobriety, and ensuring the order is packed and delivered safely.  

If you prefer not to handle alcohol deliveries, you can easily opt out by adjusting your preferences in the DoorDash Dasher app. Read on, and we'll cover the essential practices to help ensure a safe and compliant delivery every time.

The added benefits of alcohol delivery

Alcohol delivery allows Dashers to deliver high-value orders for more earnings. It's also a great way to diversify your tasks and maximize your productivity, especially if your regular delivery pattern becomes too routine or strict around restaurant delivery windows. 

How does alcohol delivery with DoorDash work?

First and foremost, it's crucial to recognize that the specifics of alcohol delivery with DoorDash can vary significantly by country due to differing local laws and regulations. Whether you're delivering in New Zealand, Australia, the United States, or Canada, we've developed resources designed to guide you through the unique requirements in your area. 

For alcohol delivery, the driver has a legal obligation to verify age and ID and perform other crucial checks. The following steps help ensure safe and responsible deliveries every time:

  • Identity verification: When you receive an alcohol delivery order, the app will prompt you to verify the recipient's identity. In addition to doing a physical check of the recipient’s acceptable form of ID (such as driver’s license or passport) ID to verify its legitimacy, this involves scanning that same ID and visually comparing it to the person receiving the order. 

  • Age verification: Dashers must verify that the recipient meets their area's legal drinking age requirements. When in doubt, it's completely acceptable to reject the delivery. Your judgment is critical. Remember, you have the right to decline a delivery if someone appears underage but shows an ID suggesting otherwise, or if they're of legal age but in a setting with others who appear underage. 

  • Sobriety check: It's illegal to deliver alcohol to someone who's visibly intoxicated. If this is the case, you should use your judgment to decide not to complete the delivery. Trust your instincts, remember that safety comes first, and know that you're encouraged to report any safety concerns or incidents.

  • Restricted locations: If you reach a customer's address for an alcohol delivery and suspect it's a restricted location (like a school, restaurant, bar, college campus, storage facility, or prison), feel free to decline. Use the "Can't complete delivery" guidance in your DoorDash Dasher app for handling the alcohol.

  • Packing standards: Alcohol must be packed and delivered by local laws. This typically means ensuring alcohol is not within reach of the driver during transport and that it's adequately sealed, labeled, and tamper-resistant. 

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Delivering alcohol confidently, responsibly, and with care

Delivering alcohol with DoorDash presents Dashers with a fantastic chance to increase earnings and handle high-value orders. To do so, Dashers should follow strict regulations and guidelines for safe and responsible deliveries. By adhering to essential practices and local guidelines, Dashers can deliver alcohol successfully, safely and compliantly. 

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