Shop & Deliver: Tips from a Dasher for Great Shopping Quality 

A Top Shopper offers advice on how to select the best quality products for delivery.

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DoorDash is more than delivering restaurant orders – with Shop & Deliver, customers can order from grocery, convenience, or retail stores, have a Dasher shop for them, and then have it delivered straight to their door. Shop & Deliver gives the customer the convenience of getting their items through a trusted delivery source. Read on for more tips to ensure fresh and accurate quality when assigned Shop & Deliver offers. 

Starting a Shop & Deliver offer 

Before you begin to shop, start off by introducing yourself to the customer in the Dasher app. A simple greeting opens up a great line of communication while increasing the odds of responsiveness from the customer later on if needed while shopping. A simple, “Hello. My name is [your name] and I will be your shopper this afternoon. If you have any specific request for your items let me know,” can go a long way. 

After introductions, look over the shopping list and map out a strategy — consider leaving refrigerated and frozen items for last. The best tip for moving forward is to shop for the customer as you would shop for yourself. 

Selecting the best products 

When shopping, be sure to select the best and most accurate products. Pay close attention to all expiration and use by dates. With products such as meats and dairy, this is especially important. Try to select the freshest item by finding a date furthest away from the current one. 

Items should always be fully inspected to avoid any spoilage or damage. With produce and bread, check thoroughly for any signs of mold. Meat products should have fresh coloring; like red coloring for beef and pink coloring for chicken while avoiding any graying or bruising. Eggs should be fully inspected as well. Always open up the egg crate and give it a once-over to avoid any cracks or broken shells. Avoid any opened or damaged products. 

Communication is key 

Keeping a good line of communication with the customer is important throughout the order. Customers appreciate when you send them pictures, especially of produce and meats, to make sure you are selecting the best products for them. 

If a product is out of stock or the only one available is damaged or spoiled, have substitution options in mind to offer to the customer. It’s always a good idea to share a photo of the substitutions you are picking for the customer. You can also offer a refund if a substitution isn’t possible for a specific product. 

Wrapping up and checkout 

After ensuring all items have been collected, head to the register. Make sure to scan any barcodes or QR codes accordingly. While using your Red Card, be sure to select credit on the pin pad. If bagging items yourself, try to keep like items together. Bag frozen items together, and produce and meats separately. Load up the groceries while keeping fragile items, such as bread and eggs, in a safe place and in a separate bag. Finally, consider messaging the customer that you are heading to deliver the order, and be sure to drop off the groceries according to their preferred instructions. If you know there are frozen items in the order, try sending a helpful drop off message like, “Remember to put your ice cream in the freezer!”

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Gilda B.

Gilda B.

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