Become an E-Bike Courier

Want to turn your experience into more ways to earn? With the opening of a DashMart in New York, more opportunity is coming your way.

DashCorps, a new DoorDash company, wants delivery-savvy Dashers like you to apply to be its first string of full-time or part-time E-Bike Couriers.

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What Does it Mean to be a Courier with DashCorps?

E-Bike Couriers will power ultra-fast grocery deliveries in 15 minutes or less — providing busy consumers with a reliable and convenient way to restock instantly and a new channel for local merchants to grow. This exciting new role, with guaranteed hours and earnings, is an exciting new opportunity to earn in New York.


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Hourly earnings, plus benefits

Earn a guaranteed $15/hour, and still keep 100% of your tips. Plus, you’ll receive healthcare benefits and new gear.

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Steady scheduling

Choose a full-time or part-time schedule to take more control of how you earn (with the same pay either way).

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A reliable electric bike

Ride easy and in style with access to a battery-powered bike from our partners at Zoomo.

Sign up for a new opportunity to earn, with DashCorps

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes — for now. DashCorps is first starting in New York City to support the launch of DashMart, as well as other local businesses. But look for new opportunities coming to more cities in the future!

Yes! These are full-time and part-time positions earning hourly wages for DashCorps, a DoorDash company that provides staffing, logistics, and management services to help local businesses to thrive. This role differs from Dashers, who are independent contractors that contract with DoorDash.

For now, E-Bike couriers must use the provided Zoomo electric bikes.

No, if you’re selected to join the DashCorps courier fleet, you won’t be able to continue dashing.

Yes. As an E-Bike Courier, you’ll be paid hourly rather than per delivery, so you’ll continue to earn on return trips to your starting point.

You can contact the team at