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Why We Dash: Work and Life as a Delivery Driver

Dashers explain why they are taking advantage of the new gig economy.

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Dasher walking into a flower store

DoorDash Hotspots: How to Find the Best Places to Dash

Where is the best place to receive the most DoorDash orders? Look for the hotspots!

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Delivery driver carrying bag, making a delivery.

Everything You Need to Know About Becoming a Delivery Driver

Want to know what delivery driving is all about? We cover the gig, from door to door and back again.

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Perks & Rewards

Early Bird Perks

Just getting started? Learn about perks for New Dashers to increase your earnings.


Introducing DashRoots: The Voices of Local Neighborhoods

DashRoots gives Dashers a voice in issues that impact their business, including supporting flexible work, local businesses, food security, and neighborhood resilience.

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Perks & Rewards

Dash to Large Orders

As a Platinum level Dasher in our Dasher Rewards Program pilot, you gain the ability to unlock priority access to large orders.

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Perks & Rewards

Save More with GasBuddy in the Dasher App

The GasBuddy in-app integration will allow Dashers to find the cheapest fuel options in their area while on a dash.