Shop & Deliver

When a Shop & Deliver order pops up in your app, it’s a chance to get paid more per order.


Why Accept Shop & Deliver Orders?


Get paid more

Get more cash per dash on average compared to a regular delivery when you do the shopping.*


Less waiting around

Your productivity and pace won’t rely on a restaurant preparing the order.


Earn around the clock

You don’t have to plan your day around a restaurant’s peak lunch or dinner hours.

Ready to get started?



Shop for the customer's list of items



Pay with your Red Card at checkout



Deliver the order to the customer

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Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

With Shop & Deliver, customers can order from grocery, convenience, or retail stores, then have the order delivered straight to their door. Dashers who accept these opportunities shop in the store for the items that the customer ordered, pay with a Red Card at checkout, and then deliver the order to the customer.

No, they’ll simply appear within the app as orders for you to accept or decline, just like any other delivery. With it, you’ll see the estimated payout.

Your pay for these orders will be shown on the acceptance screen.

No, the store associate will not do the shopping. If you’re unable to find an item, you can ask a store associate for help.

Help for Existing Dashers

Yes! A Red Card is needed to check out for all Shop & Deliver orders.

A substitution occurs when a Dasher replaces an item that is out of stock with a similar item that has been approved by the customer.

If a customer has not pre-approved their substitutions, suggesting them is simple. A Dasher can:

  • Tap "Item unavailable."

  • Tap "Text customer" to suggest a substitute — customers appreciate it when you provide a few different options. You also have the option to call the customer directly.

  • If the customer responds and confirms that they would like one of the options, you can simply proceed with adding the substitute. If the customer does not respond, or does not want any of the options provided, you can tap Issue refund.

If a customer has already approved a substitution, their approved substitution will appear when you tap "Item unavailable."

We’ve seen and heard these Shop & Deliver tips from highly-rated Dashers:

  • Item pictures in the Dasher App give a feel for what the product looks like. You can tap on the picture to enlarge it, using two fingers to zoom in further.

  • Check to see if aisle information is available for the item.

  • The item description confirms the flavor and the exact size of the item.

  • If prompted, weighing the item and entering the weight to confirm that they have the right quantity.

Here are a few tips from experienced Dashers that can help delight customers with top-tier shopping:

  • Check expiration dates

  • Check ‘packaged on’ dates

  • Be wary of packing defects or damage

  • Pick produce that is ripe and in good condition

  • Shop frozen items last

You can tap the "Help" button in your Dasher App and follow the prompts to be connected to a Support agent who can assist you with Shop & Deliver-related issues.

*Get paid more per order as compared to a restaurant delivery order, based on average Dasher payouts nationwide while on a delivery. Actual earnings may differ and depend on factors like number of deliveries completed, time of day, location, and expenses.