Get answers to Dashers’ most commonly asked questions.

The term Dasher refers to any of the over 1 million people who choose to deliver with DoorDash. Sign up and start earning today.

Dashing is a term used to describe the act of delivering with DoorDash.

Dasher earnings, or fares, consist of base pay for each delivery and 100% of tips. Dashers also get Peak Pay on top of that when applicable, plus additional pay from active Promotions. Learn more.

What a Dasher earns depends on where, when, and how often they deliver. Pay includes base pay, 100% of tips, Peak Pay where applicable, and other promotions. Learn more.

You’ll be prompted to add a bank account during the signup process to start delivering with DoorDash so that you can receive your earnings with direct deposit.

Yes. You can update your method of payment for direct deposit or Fast Pay (U.S. only) after you sign up, or access no-fee daily direct deposits for U.S. Dashers with DasherDirect.

While many Dashers use a bank account to deposit their earnings, select U.S.-based Dashers can access their earnings daily for no fee and without a bank account with the DasherDirect Business Prepaid Visa Card. Learn more about DasherDirect and how to apply here.

Dashers are paid out their earnings weekly via a secured direct deposit to their personal bank account — or U.S. Dashers can get no-fee daily deposits with DasherDirect. Dashers in the U.S. can also withdraw their earnings once daily with Fast Pay for a $1.99 fee.

Dashers can earn extra money by referring friends and family to deliver with DoorDash. Open the Dasher app, tap the ‘Account’ tab, then tap the ‘Refer friends’ banner. Terms apply

Dashers can earn and maintain good ratings by following delivery instructions and handling deliveries with care. Learn more  about Dasher ratings.

Every cent that a customer tips on a delivery goes to the Dasher who delivered the order. See everything we’ve done to increase Dasher pay.

When it’s busy out and Dashers are needed to meet order demand, you may see Peak Pay in the Dasher app. Deliver during these times to make extra on top of what you already earn.

Peak Pay happens when it’s busy and order demand is high. Peak Pay helps Dashers earn extra money per delivery on top of what they already make.

The Top Dasher Program recognizes Dashers who go above and beyond with useful perks. Learn how to qualify as a Top Dasher.

As a driver delivering with DoorDash, you'll often see Promotions in your Dasher app, which are extra ways to earn more. You can find Dasher Promotions by tapping ‘Promos’ in the Dasher app.

If you deliver with DoorDash, you’ll automatically get Caviar orders through the Dasher app. This lets you earn on both platforms automatically.

You can find DoorDash clothing and apparel, water bottles, bike safety gear, and more in the Dasher store. Shop the Dasher Store now.