Pizza Delivery 

When a pizza delivery offer pops up in your app, it’s a chance for you to earn on your terms.

Pizza Delivery Dasher

Why Accept Pizza Delivery Orders?

Pizza Delivery

Earning potential

The top reason to accept a Pizza Delivery offer is to earn money: Base Pay, Tips, and Promotions. With pizza in constant high demand, you’ll have more earning opportunities — including priority access — once you verify having a pizza bag.

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Gig work flexibility

Dashers choose their working hours and dash when it’s convenient for them. 62% of Dashers spend an average of less than four hours per week on the app.

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Local knowledge

Delivering from pizzerias keeps you in the know about what’s going on in your neighborhood, and which places are the most popular.

What do I need to join the Pizza Delivery program?


Sign up

Go to account settings under Delivery Options and sign up for “Pizza Program” within the DoorDash Dasher App.


Get your pizza bag(s)

Get your hands on a thermal pizza bag or purchase from the DoorDash Store. Pizza bags hold approximately 4 to 6 pies, and keep them warm and fresh during transit.


Verify your bag

Upload a photo of your pizza bag under account settings within the DoorDash Dasher App. Once you’ve verified your bag, you can accept your first pizza offer.

Remember to bring your pizza bag into the store for every pizza delivery!

DoorDash Cash on Delivery

Many Dashers like the Pizza Program’s option of getting paid in cash, including tips.

Enabling DoorDash Cash on Delivery in the DoorDash Dasher App is as simple as toggling it on. This allows you to receive cash payments at the door, just like traditional pizza delivery drivers.


Cash on Delivery

Frequently Asked Questions

Open your DoorDash Dasher App, go to account settings under Delivery Options, and toggle on “Pizza Program.”

Dashers can bring their own or purchase them from the DoorDash Store. A photo of the pizza bag needs to be uploaded to the DoorDash Dasher App for confirmation before accepting your first offer. 

Your minimum guaranteed earnings will be shown on the acceptance screen so you can review before accepting an offer.

You may deliver to and from restaurants with the vehicle of your choice depending on your area. 

The DoorDash Dasher App is the hub for special offers for more opportunities to boost your earnings, and there are often promotions and incentives exclusively for pizza deliveries. You can find Dasher Promotions by tapping ‘Promos’ in the DoorDash Dasher app.