The Best Cities in America for Delivery Drivers with DoorDash

From New York City to Las Vegas, seasoned Dashers share what makes particular urban areas and neighborhoods their favorites to dash in.

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Best Cities for Dashing

Dashing is a great type of gig work to make extra money, but it’s also a solid way to earn in a strong market. Big cities with high-volume orders give Dashers more opportunities to earn.

Bustling cities with vibrant, densely-populated neighborhoods are also optimal for bike Dashers who don’t need car parking and can maximize their time with bike-friendly routes.    

So, which cities offer good opportunities for Dashers? Let’s take a look at some of the biggest markets, as well as some of the best college towns, to dash in, according to experienced Dashers.

Top 6 major cities for dashing, according to seasoned Dashers



The Windy City is the third biggest city in America and is a food-fanatical metropolis. So, it’s no surprise that delivery driver jobs in Chicago are highly sought after. According to Chicago Dashers, when looking for the most profitable areas, West Loop, River North, South Loop, and Lincoln Park stand out, as does Wicker Park.  Not only do these areas boast higher order volumes, but Dashers also enjoy how friendly these neighborhoods can be. Dasher Natesha N. explains: “River North has more orders and customers tip well. The area also has new restaurants and great people!”

Just outside of the downtown core, Orland Park, Lynwood, and Crestwood are often steady for customer orders. On the north side, you may want to avoid Arlington Heights as the road configuration can be confusing, and traffic can get packed during the dinner rush. While parking can be difficult, as in most populated urban areas, with a little gumption and grit (and a small car or motorcycle), Dashers can still find street parking. 

Los Angeles 

Los Angeles

For the best delivery driver jobs in and around Los Angeles, Dashers say to look northwest towards the San Fernando Valley or drive south to Torrance or Long Beach. Dasher James B. likes dashing in Torrance because “it’s a nice mix of business and residential, with not much traffic congestion.” While Los Angeles is one of the most densely populated cities, it’s also known for heavy traffic. Too often, traffic backup can create delays when Dashers are moving from one area to another, so it’s best to stick to one neighborhood in particular if you want to make the most of your time and maximize your number of offers. 

New York City 

New York

If you’re dedicated to the urban hustle, delivery gig jobs in NYC can be very rewarding. Like the music blaring from certain street corners, the offers are high-volume.

The Big Apple is the city of bicycle deliveries for a reason: with more than 1,200 miles of bike lanes and routes, it’s one of the most bike-friendly cities in America. But if you want to avoid the big NYC markets, consider smaller areas like Hell’s Kitchen.



Houston is another major city with plenty of opportunities for delivery driver gig work. Dashers say the Inner Loop, which is the area surrounded by Interstate 610, is one of the best areas to dash in as it’s the hub of Houston's central business district. 

Dasher Tara K. loves dashing in the Inner Loop because “it’s zoned well, which makes the deliveries easy to accomplish. The Inner Loop is always busy so come ready to work and make some money.”

Another great area to dash in is in The Woodlands. While it is an area with fewer hotspots, it is consistently busy. Kingwood and North Houston are also preferred dashing spots, with the latter being known for its classic Texan friendliness. 

Las Vegas 

Las Vegas

Delivery drivers in Las Vegas have learned one big lesson: Avoid the strip. There’s simply too much traffic and too many walkable restaurants that draw tourists in. Instead, look to Summerlin and its high concentration of high-value restaurants, or areas in the Southwest like Green Valley where there’s ample parking.

Seasoned Dasher Nyra P. explains: “I prefer dashing in Green Valley and the Southwest neighborhoods in Las Vegas. Green Valley tends to have higher tipping rates, and it's convenient with easy parking in front of businesses, especially since it mainly consists of homes rather than apartments.”



A delivery gig job is a great way to make money in Georgia’s energetic capital. A flourishing culinary scene and a diverse population with wide-ranging tastes make Atlanta a great city for dashing. Roswell Road/Alpharetta is one place to focus on, with multiple restaurants in the area and a thriving market for delivery. Three other neighborhoods that stand out to Atlanta Dashers are Brookhaven, Buckhead, and Smyrna. “The roads are nice and it’s easy to find parking in Buckhead and Brookhaven. Those neighborhoods also have typically larger order volumes,” says Dasher Bidut C.

When it comes to bike dashing, Sandy Springs is an ideal neighborhood to dash in. Bike dasher Monique A. explains, “There’s lots of bike lanes in Sandy Springs, and the residences are near the restaurants which helps save time. Also, the orders are plentiful!” 

The biggest college towns to dash in 

Hungry students and faculty add up to a healthy appetite for food delivery. According to Bloomberg, College Station, TX, Ann Arbor, MI, and Gainesville, FL are the biggest college towns in America. Here are a few tips from Dashers on how to dash most effectively in American college towns. 

Dasher-tested tips for delivering in college towns 

Brush up on exam season 

This is a prime time to dash, as students will be less inclined to cook for themselves when the clock is ticking and a big test is looming large.

Night time is the right time

When are students studying hardest and preparing for their exams? Evenings and late nights. Many colleges have roughly the same examination timelines, so you can research and optimize when you want to get dashing.

The best bike-friendly cities according to experienced Dashers

Dashing by bike is a great way to navigate college towns. It can mean getting around faster and earning more, all while staying in shape. Cities like Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C., are particularly popular for bike Dashers and some of the best large cities to bike in according to Axios.

The best city for dashing is the city you’re in

The reality is that wherever you are located is the best place to dash. A flexible gig job gives you the opportunity to make money where you want and when you want. But if you do happen to be located in one of the top major cities in America for dashing, there’s even more opportunity to earn. 

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