How Does Pizza Delivery Work on DoorDash as a Dasher?

Learn about the opportunities and potential benefits of the DoorDash Pizza Program.

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Pizza is a universal favorite, so it's no surprise that it's a top choice for food delivery. In fact, pizza was #6 in the top food ordered nationwide in the US. In this blog post, we'll explore the pizza delivery landscape on DoorDash, the benefits of being a Dasher who delivers pizza, and introduce the DoorDash Pizza Program and Cash on Delivery. 

For both new and established Dashers, this program offers the chance to boost earnings by delivering pizzas.

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What is the DoorDash Pizza Program?

The DoorDash Pizza Program is an opportunity for Dashers to dive into the world of pizza delivery. Here's a quick overview of what the program entails:

To get started, there are two requirements. 

1. A DoorDash Dasher account is mandatory. Signing up is an easy process that begins by visiting the Dasher website and downloading the DoorDash Dasher App. 

2. A thermal pizza bag is also key to keeping pizzas warm and fresh during transit. Dashers can bring their own, or bags are available for purchase from the DoorDash Store. Then, a photo of the pizza bag needs to be uploaded to the DoorDash Dasher App for confirmation.  

How to Sign Up for the DoorDash Pizza Program

Joining the DoorDash Pizza Program is a straightforward process. In the DoorDash Dasher App, in the account settings under Delivery Options, simply toggle on “Pizza Program”. 

These are the only steps necessary to become eligible to accept pizza delivery orders.

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The Added Benefits of Pizza Delivery

Delivering pizzas through the DoorDash Pizza Program offers Dashers — including established pizza delivery drivers — more opportunities in a number of ways.

  • Earning potential: Pizza delivery orders are consistently in high demand, which means more opportunities to earn. Just how much does a pizza delivery driver earn? The total amount is dependent on the number of orders a Dasher decides to accept.

  • Eligibility for specific pizza promotions: DoorDash often runs promotions and incentives exclusively for pizza deliveries. The DoorDash Dasher App is the hub for special offers for more opportunities to boost your earnings.

  • Ease of integration: Pizza deliveries can seamlessly integrate into an existing delivery schedule. In addition, Dashers keep 100% of customer tips in addition to Base Pay.

  • Gig work flexibility: Dashers decide on their own working hours and dash only when it’s convenient. In fact, 62% of Dashers spend less than four hours per week on the app. 

DoorDash cash on delivery

One of the unique aspects of DoorDash pizza delivery is the option of getting paid in cash, including tips. While this isn't mandatory for the Pizza Program, it's a popular option available to any Dasher who delivers pizzas through the program. Dashers can use this cash in hand as an advance on their earnings and can keep the cash tips immediately upon receipt. 

Enabling DoorDash Cash on Delivery in the DoorDash Dasher App is also just as simple as toggling it on. This allows you to receive cash payments at the door, just like traditional pizza delivery drivers.

Become a Pizza Delivery Driver Today

The DoorDash Pizza Program is an opportunity for Dashers to increase earnings, broaden their delivery offerings, and get paid in cash. Dashers can also opt in or out of the program at any point according to their needs and preferences.

If the flexibility and earnings potential of DoorDash Pizza Delivery is of interest, sign up for the DoorDash Pizza Program today.