Dashing in the City: The Benefits of E-Bike and Scooter Delivery

Discover the benefits of e-bike and electric scooter delivery in the world of urban delivery.

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In the bustling world of delivery, many Dashers are evaluating alternative opportunities, like scooters and e-bikes. 

E-bikes and scooters offer cost-effectiveness, speed when navigating traffic, and convenience. While various options are available, electric scooters and e-bikes can provide Dashers with agile and eco-friendly means to navigate the delivery landscape.

Choosing the best delivery option for you 

Electric scooters and e-bikes both travel quickly and are electrically powered, but they have some key differences that are relevant for Dashers in urban areas.

1. Electric scooters

E-scooters are characterized by their electric motor and step-through frame design, where the rider sits on a lower seat and places their feet in front of them on the floorboard. Unlike e-bikes, they do not have pedals. They provide a smaller, more compact alternative to motorcycles, and are ideal for short urban trips.

2. E-bikes

E-bikes resemble regular bicycles but they have the added advantage of an electric motor and battery. This motorized option means you can deliver faster while reducing physical strain. 

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E-bike and e-scooter delivery in urban environments

Electric scooters and e-bikes are well-suited to urban environments due to their particular advantages.

Managing density

Space is a premium commodity in densely populated cities. Both electric scooters and e-bikes are relatively compact compared to cars and trucks, making them ideal when navigating crowded streets. Their smaller size also allows for more parking options, which is an advantage when trying to complete your orders.

Navigating traffic

Traffic congestion is an ongoing issue that impacts speed and efficiency. A major traffic jam can greatly affect your order volume and subsequent earnings. Electric scooters and e-bikes are particularly well-suited to making it through traffic jams, bypassing gridlocked roads with alternate routes, and accessing reserved lanes when available (subject, of course, to your city’s specific traffic laws). 

Reducing environmental impact  

Electric scooters and e-bikes are both eco-friendly options compared to gas-fueled vehicles. Going electric means helping the environment while you earn. These vehicles are a sustainable option for reducing our collective carbon footprint.

Electric scooter delivery vs. e-bike delivery

Both electric delivery scooters and e-bikes have significant benefits over motorized options, but deciding which one to invest in is a personal choice. There are some differences between these two dashing options that can help inform your decision-making.

Affordability and operating costs

Electric scooters and e-bikes are available within a broad price range but it’s important to note that electric mopeds or e-scooters tend to have a steeper starting price. Crucially, both e-scooters and e-bikes boast low operating costs overall compared to cars and trucks, further eliminating the need for expenses like gasoline and fuel.

Ease of use

A scooter’s lightweight frame makes it easy to move around traffic. This ease of use is also complemented with comfort. When riding an electric moped or e-scooter your body is more likely to stay in an upright position, similar to sitting on a chair, which makes riding easy. E-bikes often enable you to bypass stationary traffic by utilizing dedicated bike lanes. The learning curve for e-bikes might be gentler since many of us are already familiar with riding bicycles, making the transition more intuitive.

Speed & power

Both e-bikes and electric scooters share similar speed ranges, although an electric scooter or electric moped will be heavier. Should power run out, e-bikes greatly benefit from operating as regular bicycles, whereas electric delivery scooters have more agility in tackling hills or steep roads. 

Road quality

When choosing between an e-bike and electric scooter delivery, terrain should be considered. Paved roads are more than suitable for both, but uneven surfaces like potholes, bumpy roads, or gravel can be more difficult to navigate. Tire thickness is essential for effectively navigating rough roads on both electric scooters and e-bikes.  

Security features 

Selecting an electric scooter model with essential safety features is crucial. To start, you’ll want to look for a sturdy frame, reliable braking systems, and a dependable battery management system. E-bikes should come equipped with tires offering high puncture protection and a capable braking system. E-scooters offer built-in cable locks, digital locks, and key-lock ignitions for security, while e-bikes require more traditional bicycle locks.

Dashing into the future 

E-bike or electric scooter delivery is an eco-friendly and time-saving alternative for Dashers who are looking to pursue delivering in the city. Sign in to the DoorDash Dasher app to see if electric scooter delivery is available in your area to get started.