How to Fit Dashing Into Your Schedule

DoorDash offers flexible options for choosing your own hours. Earn extra cash at the times that work best for you.

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One of the main reasons why seasoned Dashers love gig work is because of how flexible it is—you get to choose when, where, and how much you deliver. With DoorDash, you can earn while keeping your schedule open. 

There are three options within the DoorDash Dasher app that can help you fit dashing into your schedule. Here are some valuable tips for each option.

Option 1: Dash Now

When Dashers are required in your area, you can click Dash Now in the DoorDash Dasher App and start delivering food immediately. It’s as simple as logging in and tapping Dash Now. Then, select your zone, source your next order, and start dashing. If Dash Now is not available, it means that there are already enough dashers online. To avoid this, consider using Schedule a Dash or Dash Along the Way. 

Option 2: Schedule a Dash

If you know your plans ahead of time, you can schedule a dash via the Schedule tab in the app. This option gives you the control and convenience to decide when and where you’d like to dash. You can plan your dashing schedule around any other commitments you have, such as school, work, or family. Watch the video below to learn more on how to schedule a dash in the Dasher app.

Option 3: Dash Along the Way

We know every second counts when you’re dashing. With Dash Along the Way, you can earn more while traveling to or from another zone. This option lets you deliver orders and earn more money along your route. It’s a great way to maximize your time and increase your earning potential. 

Embrace the convenience and flexibility of dashing

DoorDash offers an opportunity for those who want to earn extra cash with a flexible schedule. Whether you’re using Dash Now, Schedule a Dash, or Dash Along the Way, there are flexible and convenient options in the DoorDash Dasher app to suit your personal preferences and schedule.