How to Use the DoorDash Dasher App

Discover how to use the DoorDash Dasher app efficiently, from scheduling dashes to managing account details.

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The DoorDash Dasher app has several user-friendly tabs and convenient features to help you dash more efficiently. From scheduling dashes to reviewing account details and previous dashes, let’s explore each tab within the app to ensure you’re fully prepared for your next delivery.

The Dasher Tab

The Dasher tab serves as the main screen in the DoorDash Dasher app. It allows you to quickly get online and start finding orders by simply tapping the Dash Now button. Once online, you have the flexibility to accept or decline incoming orders. This tab also features a map that displays high-order volume areas, known as hotspots, which are highlighted to help you optimize your chances of receiving an order. In addition, you’ll find helpful directions for pick-up and delivery, as well as information on any active promotions.

The Schedule Tab

With the DoorDash Dasher app’s Schedule tab, you can proactively plan your dashes by choosing when and where you want to dash, and ​​view any upcoming times that you have previously scheduled. This level of control and flexibility allows you to make the most out of dashing. 

The Account Tab

In the DoorDash Dasher app, access the Account tab to view and manage your account information. Here, you can find details such as your name, phone number, email, vehicle, and app settings. A helpful tip: Update your vehicle details and phone number directly from the Account tab. If you need to change your phone number but don’t have access to the old one, tap the question mark icon and follow the on-screen instructions. For any other updates to your account, contact Dasher Support online or call 855-431-0459.

The Ratings Tab

When you become a Dasher, your performance on the platform is tracked through ratings. These ratings determine your eligibility to dash, and can even qualify you for special programs and incentives. By simply tapping the “Ratings” button, you can access all the information about your dashing history. This includes customer ratings, acceptance and completion rates, and the total number of deliveries you’ve completed so far.

The Earnings Tab

Explore your DoorDash earnings tab for a comprehensive view of your base pay, tips, and other rewards. It’s also the place where you can easily manage your payout methods. To conveniently receive free, automatic payments into your bank account, navigate to the Earnings tab. Locate the bank symbol in the top right-hand corner and select it. Finally, add your bank account details by tapping the “Add Bank Account” button.

Your Payment Schedule 

Every Monday, you’ll receive automatic payment for the previous week’s dashes (Monday to Sunday). Direct deposits usually take 2 to 3 business days to process, so you can anticipate seeing your earnings in your bank account on Wednesdays. For more payment options, please refer to the DoorDash Dasher app.