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Dash to Large Orders

As a Platinum level Dasher in our Dasher Rewards Program pilot, you gain the ability to unlock priority access to large orders.

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What is Access to Large Orders?

The Large Order program rewards Dashers by prioritizing them for high-value orders happening in their area. This increases the likelihood of Dashers receiving more high-value orders during any regular dashes they take. These deliveries represent all large orders on the platform (including some catering deliveries) but cannot be scheduled in advance. 

Dashers in Grand Rapids, NY | Corpus Christi, TX | Lubbock, TX will have to maintain their Platinum level status to be prioritized for these high-paying orders.

The benefits of the program:

  • Orders in this program have the potential to pay 2x - 3x as much as a regular order. On average, in the last 6 months, high-value orders paid up to 2-3x more than regular orders in total pay. 

What do you need? 

  • High-value orders often have more items, making these deliveries slightly more challenging to deliver. 

  • Due to the need to carry a larger amount of food, DoorDash requires Dashers to have at least one catering bag in order to be eligible for this program. 

  • Some orders may require additional effort and may be eligible for additional on-time and/or set up bonuses. For more information on setup instructions, please visit this page.

How does it work?

Step 1: Once you have reached Platinum level as part of our Dasher Rewards pilot program, you will unlock eligibility for Large Orders Program access. 

Step 2: In the app under your new unlocked reward, you can find the form to confirm that you have the necessary equipment to complete large orders. Details on how you can confirm that you have a catering bag are below.

  • You only need to go through this step if you see “Must equip catering bag” in your Ratings tab.

Step 3: DoorDash will review your submission and send you a confirmation email if you are eligible. Once you are approved, you are eligible to start receiving large order assignments immediately.

Step 4: You can identify large order dashes by looking for “Catering Bag Required” indicator when you’re accepting the order.

Note: some catering orders may require setup, which will be made clear on the Drop-off Instructions screen.

How do I confirm that I have a catering bag?

  1. When submitting a photo, please submit a clear photo of the catering bag in your possession (not a stock photo from a website; we need to be able to tell if the bag is in your possession).

    1. The requirements for catering bags are:

      1. Must be insulated

      2. Standard catering bag size (At least 22" W x 14" L x 13" D)

    2. Note: Your bag does not have to be DoorDash branded. 

  2. We will review form submissions on a weekly basis (up to 3x/week) and send out confirmations to eligible Dashers. 

However, we are offering a 75% off reimbursement* for eligible Dashers when purchasing DoorDash-branded catering bag purchased from the DoorDash Store. Reimbursements will hit your Dasher account within 1 business day of approval.

*Only available on catering bags purchased from the DoorDash store. Reimbursement is only valid for eligible Platinum Dashers as a part of our Dasher Rewards Program pilot, only available in Grand Rapids, NY | Corpus Christi, TX | Lubbock, TX for limited time. The maximum value of reimbursement from purchasing catering bag purchased from the DoorDash store (US only) is $29.96. Payout will be deposited into approved Dasher’s account on the DoorDash Dasher app within 1 business day of approval.