6 Reasons Why Bike Delivery Is Underrated

Learn why dashing by bike is often underrated and deserves a closer look.

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If you're a gig worker looking for a flexible schedule and the promise of generous tips, you probably know that delivering with DoorDash can be an excellent way to earn an income.

But the mistake many people can make is assuming that dashing is something you need to do in a car. When considering the pros and cons of delivering for DoorDash, prospective Dashers may factor in the price of gas, insurance, and wear and tear on their vehicles. Those are all expenses that can add up.

But there are a number of reasons why some savvy delivery drivers are turning to bikes and e-bikes instead of cars. For inspiration, we’ve compiled this blog post on reasons to consider bike delivery.

6 reasons why bike delivery is underrated

Bikes Are a More Sustainable Delivery Method

Bicycles are more environmentally friendly compared to cars since they don't emit greenhouse gases or contribute to air pollution. As sustainability becomes a more significant concern, some delivery drivers prefer bikes over cars to reduce their carbon footprint. This can even help boost a restaurant’s brand image as earth-friendly, as customers see their bike delivery people using a smaller environmental footprint.

Bikes May Avoid Traffic Congestion

In populated urban areas, like Los Angeles or Houston, traffic congestion can be significant, especially during peak commuting hours. This can lead to hours spent in traffic for delivery drivers, causing dissatisfaction for restaurants and consumers alike. The problem is bad enough in Europe that cargo bikes are on track to surpass trucks in many cities. Bikes and e-bikes can often navigate through traffic congestion in streets and alleys more easily than cars, resulting in quicker deliveries and happier customers.

Bikes Cost Less to Operate

For most consumers, cars are a major expense, often costing thousands of dollars and requiring expensive financing. In comparison, bicycles are cheaper to maintain and operate. Bike delivery people don't need to spend money on fuel, parking fees, or costly maintenance. This savings can be especially attractive for individuals looking to start their own delivery business on a limited budget.


The operating costs of running a bike are incredibly low, so that allows me to [keep] more earnings from dashing.

Hiro, Bike Dasher in Chicago

Bikes Are Easier to Park

Finding a parking spot for a car, especially in busy urban areas, can be a time-consuming headache for Dashers. Delivery drivers can circle around the block many times trying to find a vacant spot, as the clock ticks by. Some even drive with a friend or partner so they can pick up and deliver more easily. Bicycles, on the other hand, require minimal parking space and can often be parked in closer proximity when picking up and dropping off, saving precious minutes.

Bikes Benefit Health and Overall Fitness

Delivering meals by bike provides Dashers an opportunity for physical activity and fresh air, which can contribute to improved health and fitness. Dashing by bike may especially appeal to people who enjoy cycling and other outdoor activities and want to incorporate exercise into work.  


Before I knew about DoorDash, I was simply out biking as my workout routine every other day. Now, I get to enjoy my workout routine and earn extra bucks at the same time.

Khanin, Bike Dasher in Toronto

Bikes Offer Last-Mile Efficiency

In the world of delivery, the last mile is considered the holy grail. Many companies are considering autonomous vehicles and/or drones to increase their efficiency in this area. Agile and easily navigated through congestion, bikes are well-suited for last-mile deliveries as they transport goods directly from a central hub to their final destination. 

It’s all about making delivery driving work around your preferences

If you’re someone who is considering delivering with DoorDash, these bike delivery considerations may help as you look at the required mileage coverage, your neighborhood’s local infrastructure, and your personal delivery preferences. Delivering by bike or e-bike is certainly a growing trend within densely populated urban areas, and will likely grow in popularity over time. 

If you’re interested, sign up as a Dasher and start earning right away.


Diana Donovan
Diana Donovan