Bridget from Philadelphia, PA

People from all walks of life deliver with DoorDash. Meet Bridget.

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As someone who tours the world photographing musicians and artists, Bridget C. lives a fascinating life.

Most of the time, she spends her days traveling with and documenting musicians and rockstars.

But when Bridget’s back home, she loves having work to do where she can drive around and listen to podcasts and new music.

“I enjoy working [with] DoorDash since with [my] crazy touring schedule I can work extra hours [when] I am back home ... It allows me to have a flexible schedule and work when I want, which is something that is priceless to me. I can take time off — or work as much as I want to.”

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Speaking of taking time off, last year Bridget and her girlfriend converted a 15-passenger van so they, along with their cats, could travel the country. “Our goal is to visit all of the National Parks in the U.S.”

While not traveling, Bridget says dashing allows her to earn an income in a way that makes sense for her. She mentions it’s helped her in more ways than earnings, too.

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“[Dashing] has helped me become more confident in spaces I don't know, such as new restaurants. It [also] helped me learn Philadelphia when I first moved here.”

So if you’re new to dashing and are a bit nervous, know that even someone adventurous like Bridget faced the same worries on her first dash.

“All I can remember is that I was very nervous and checked everything 10 times over. … [but] strangers are nicer than you think.”

Check out Bridget’s photography and videography here.