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Erik from Detroit, MI

People from all walks of life deliver with DoorDash. Meet Erik.

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Erik lives with Scleroderma, an autoimmune disease that affects his ability to hold a traditional 9-5 job. Dashing gives him the flexibility to work with his condition and volunteer in his community, speaking with patients about living with chronic fatigue.

Over the years, Erik has focused his time on something else that’s just as important to him as his health — his art.

Never allowing his health to limit his dream, Erik published his first comic in 2005 — and nearly two decades later, he’s still writing stories and dreaming up original characters.

This work ultimately led to the creation of The Dreaded Dinosaur Man, a narrative he continues to develop today.

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While dashing on the side, Erik has continued to pursue his passion as an illustrator and storyteller. His ultimate dream is to one day launch a hit TV show and toy line for The Dreaded Dinosaur Man.

He’s now one step closer to achieving that dream. His half-man, half-dinosaur hero is about to debut on its biggest platform yet — a mural that turns his passion for comics into a giant message of hope for Detroit.

“Life isn’t about what happens to you, it’s what you do with it.”

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“And for me,” Erik shares, “that driving passion — I’m not giving up on my art career [and] telling the stories I want to tell.”

We watched with respect and awe as his vision came to vivid life in Detroit.

At DoorDash, we’re committed to providing support that allows Dashers to achieve their goals both on the road and beyond the dash. Whether that’s having the flexibility to earn money until their passion can fully support them, or sharing the fruits of that passion (and hard work) with the rest of the DoorDash community.

“I cannot wait to put my signature on this piece,” Erik shared while reviewing the location for his new mural. “It’s gonna overwhelm me when I see it completed.”

If you’re in the Detroit area, visit Erik’s mural for Dinosaur Man at 1842 Michigan Ave. Corktown, Detroit, MI.

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