Top 5 Reasons College Students Deliver with DoorDash

Delivering with DoorDash allows students to make their own hours and earn when they want.

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1) The flexibility of making your own schedule.  

There is a LOT going on at college — class, study sessions, sports games, extra curriculars, movie marathons, late night gaming sessions, Greek parties, hall parties, dates, and everything in between. And while your class, sports, or social schedule might be (mostly) predictable, there’s a lot that’s not — and you shouldn’t have to miss out on the fun, unplanned stuff because you have to work. When you dash, you can make your own schedule and adjust it whenever you want, so you can live your best college life. 

"Your schedule is pretty much up to you, if you need money just go out and get it."

- Matt S, University of Colorado Boulder

2) Get paid when you want. 

Many jobs have a strict pay schedule, which means sometimes you’re waiting days or even weeks for your next payday. As a Dasher, you can use DasherDirect to cash out after every dash if you want, so basically any day can be a payday. You also have the option of instant, no-fee deposits with the DasherDirect debit card.

3) Be your own boss. 

College can come with a lot of obligations. When you’re a Dasher, you’re your own boss, so you can work on your terms and bypass the “terrible boss” drama all together! 

4) Learn valuable skills. 

Soft skills like communication, time management, and empathy are things 93% of employers want to see on resumes — and we’ve heard from many Dashers that dashing has helped them hone these skills. 

"Dashing is an amazing opportunity to work for yourself. At 19, this is helping me learn life skills: self-motivation, customer service, communication…helping put a smile on the [faces of] retailers and customers.”

- Cobin L, San Diego State

5) Get a fresh perspective. 

College can be amazing — but it can also be overwhelming sometimes! Driving, biking, or walking around your college town or city while you’re dashing is a great way to get to know the area and take some time for yourself. Who knows, maybe you’ll find your new favorite spot for late-night cravings, mid-day coffee breaks, or anything in between.

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