Three Steps to Maximize Your Earnings

Dashing during busy times, when Peak Pay is in effect, and staying in hotspots are great strategies to help you earn with DoorDash.

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The idea of earning while being your own boss sounds enticing – and that’s what dashing can offer. 

Here are three simple steps that seasoned Dashers recommend to make the most of your time on the road and maximize your earnings

Step 1: The best times to dash

Dash when it’s the busiest. The more available orders there are, the more earning opportunities you’ll get. Generally speaking, the best times to dash line up with meal times when order amount and frequency are higher: lunch from 11 am–2 pm, and dinner from 4:30–8:00 pm.

Pro tip: If you know your schedule in advance, you can schedule your dash to coincide with peak times in your area using the DoorDash Dasher app.

Step 2: Travel to hotspots

Hotspots are specific areas where the number of orders is significantly higher than other locations. Think of the neighborhoods in your city with either a high concentration of people, an energetic center, or both. Is there a big sports event happening? That’s likely to be a hotspot. Friday night in the downtown core? That’s another one to explore. To discover hotspots in your vicinity, use the Dasher map while dashing, and keep an eye out for a circle marked with a flame icon.

Step 3: Make extra cash with Peak Pay 

Peak Pay is a great way to incentivize Dashers to dash during busy hours. When Peak Pay is in effect, Dashers have the opportunity to earn more for completing deliveries. Peak Pay DoorDash incentives are displayed in the DoorDash Dasher app, allowing you to quickly spot and seize earning opportunities. 

More opportunities to earn

Maximizing your earnings while dashing can be a matter of simple strategy. You can increase your earning opportunities by dashing during busy times — when Peak Pay is in effect — and traveling to hotspots. With the right approach, you can get on the road to higher earnings.