Getting Started as a Dasher: What to Expect on a First Dash

Here are some tips on what to expect when you start dashing.

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DoorDash can be an ideal side hustle. As a Dasher, you can deliver meals, groceries, flowers, and more from merchants to customers. Seasoned Dashers value this kind of gig work because of its flexibility and convenience of choosing when you want to work based on your schedule or preferences. 

Ready to start dashing? Read on for more tips from experienced Dashers.

Step 1: Pick your zone in the DoorDash Dasher app. 

Once you’re set up, open the app, tap “Dash Now,” and then pick the zone you’d like to dash in to start earning. You can dash anywhere in your country if DoorDash operates in that city.

Step 2: Look for and accept your first order

Once you start dashing, the app will notify you of nearby orders. Check out the delivery specifics, like the minimum earnings, travel distance, and item count. If you’re satisfied with everything, including the location and your expected earnings, you can accept the order. Remember, it’s always up to you — if the delivery details don’t fit your preferences, you can decline the order.

Step 3: Get ready for pick up

After accepting an order, the app will guide you to the pick-up location with easy navigation. Upon arrival, show the order to the staff and use the app to confirm a successful pick-up. Remember to thoroughly check the condition of all items, separate hot and cold items, and ensure everything is accounted for.

Step 4: Drop off 

The DoorDash Dasher app will route you directly to the customer’s address. You can always contact your customers by calling or texting them in-app if you need to get in touch with them. Once you’ve arrived, confirm your arrival and the delivery drop-off within the app.

Ready to start dashing?

The DoorDash Dasher app will be your hub for all things Dasher, including how to get started, complete orders, and contact support. Dashing can be a very rewarding experience, and remember that being polite, professional, and respectful to restaurants and customers goes a long way in making your next dash successful.