I Dash So I Can Travel the World: Meet Freelance Video Editor Jeremy B.

Dashing gives me the freedom & flexibility to pursue my creative passions and travel the world.

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"Why do you dash?"

It's a question that many seasoned Dashers are asked, and their answers are always uniquely personal and inspiring. Sometimes, it's the flexibility of working on their own schedule. Other times, it's because their earnings let them focus on other passion projects or creative and entrepreneurial pursuits.

Jeremy B. is a Dasher who loves to expand his horizons and explore new territory — locally, nationally, and globally. His Los Angeles dashing gig not only grants him the flexibility to travel the world, it also funds his creative endeavors as a freelance video editor and emerging film director in Hollywood.

Traveling the world inspires me as a creative

Having the ability and the mobility to see the world has always been something I value deeply — especially as a freelance video editor, director, and musician making a name for myself in Los Angeles. Diversity matters in the film industry, and being exposed to new people, places, and perspectives makes me better at what I do.

In my experience, most young creatives here have a side gig to pay the bills between projects or performances — or, in my case, while building my business. Mine is dashing, and one of the reasons why I enjoy it so much is because it lets me go places, like venturing across LA's vibrant neighborhoods. I've also dashed in Las Vegas, and I plan on dashing in South Dakota and Florida when I visit them later this year. That's the benefit of having a film industry side hustle that you can do in multiple states.

There can be long hiatuses in the film industry, where people are on breaks for three, four, or five months. So with an LA gig where I can set my own schedule, it means I can save money and travel internationally. Colombia is top of my list for this year — but Paris and Tokyo are on that list, too!

How I broke into the film industry

When I got my start in video editing, I was homeless. I was an ex-foster youth with no idea what I would — or could — do with my life, with few prospects ahead of me. Fortunately, I connected with Better Youth, an organization that provides training and mentorship opportunities to system-impacted young people, with a special focus on media arts. I realized I had a passion for video editing. After one of my documentaries was sponsored and premiered at a symposium in Canada, I felt encouraged to seek out more chances to grow my network and hone my skills.

I connected with the Handy Foundation, which helps people from underrepresented communities find 'below-the-line' jobs in Hollywood. When most people think of the film industry, they immediately think of movie stars, but it's the below-the-line workers who operate lights and cameras, style the actors and sets, and of course, edit. It's important that young creatives not only know about these roles, but claim them for their own. Through the Handy Foundation, I was able to join the IATSE 700 Union and work with multiple studios. In 2022 I was an editor on a major blockbuster movie, and I launched my own video editing company named turnupwater.

To any young creative breaking into the film industry, my main advice is to find mentors. You don't have to do it alone — there are organizations dedicated to helping to get your foot in the door. And you can take matters into your own hands as well, as long as you're not afraid to put yourself out there and meet people. Go to fairs or conferences relevant to the field you're interested in, and introduce yourself. Also, be willing to take on entry-level roles. Even if you start out as a production assistant, you can form relationships with people who will mentor you. I currently have three mentors: one who counsels me on business, one who advises me on the film industry, and one who coaches me on life — and the impact has been incredible.

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How dashing helps me realize my goals

I actually signed up to be a Dasher with DoorDash even before I entered the media and entertainment world. But at the time, I didn't end up delivering — my direction changed, and soon I was focused on video editing full-time. But six years later, I really wanted to go to Europe to see some of my close friends who had moved to Denmark and Germany, and it occurred to me that dashing would be a great way to earn more so I could make the trip.

Getting back on the platform and completing the sign up process was easy. And by committing to delivering every single day through November and December, rain or shine, I soon had enough for my roundtrip airfare and accommodations. By the time January came around, I was out of the country! This was the first time I used DoorDash to support my dreams of world travel, but it definitely wouldn't be the last.

Dashing doesn't just serve my travel aspirations. It also helps me make inroads in the film industry. I've brought deliveries to incredible studios where I've had the chance to chat with media and entertainment professionals, watch Instagram-famous models at work, and observe state-of-the-art equipment.

As I expand turnupwater into photography as well as videography, while also rebuilding my studio for recording and producing my rap music, dashing lets me work towards clear financial targets within clear timeframes. If I want to afford a new piece of technology or fund a creative campaign out of pocket, I can work a set number of hours, for a set number of days, to make that happen — which I wouldn't be able to do if I were stuck in a normal 9 to 5.

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How to make the most of dashing

If you're thinking of becoming a Dasher, here are my top tips to keep in mind.

Be positive, and enjoy the experience

Never forget that dashing can be a lot of fun. I get on my e-bike, I blare my favorite tracks, I sing as loud as I want and move to the beat. People respond positively to your positivity. Brands have asked me to be an ambassador for them, giving me merchandise and apparel to wear on my deliveries because they see me as the type of energetic, optimistic person they want to be associated with. And I've made introductions with potential clients and sponsors while waiting for the light to turn green.

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Build bridges with local entrepreneurs

When you accept a delivery, remember that you're making a connection with a local business or franchise owner. The restaurateurs, merchants, and grocers you meet are all part of your community, and you never know how winning their trust and respect will work in your favor later. Have a good attitude and strong work ethic — because in the end, it's a lot more enjoyable when you've got friends all along your regular routes.

My advice for Dashers

Whether you're looking for a film industry side hustle while waiting for your next big gig, or whether you're pursuing a different creative passion altogether, dashing can be a great way to keep money coming in while you work towards the goals that matter most to you.

Having a gig that lets me decide my own work days and hours gives me the freedom to say yes to other prospects that come my way. I was recently offered a chance to do some consultation work, and being in charge of my own calendar let me accept. And as someone who has experienced homelessness in the past, I also help others who are going through similar situations, and have set time aside to assist people in accessing affordable housing and government support.

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On top of that, I'm still involved with Better Youth, and participate regularly in its Real to Reel Global Film Festival. I want to serve as a mentor and role model to others who may still be looking for their path in life. And at the same time, I want to continue following as many paths as possible — exploring new countries, experiencing different cultures, and expanding my creative endeavors.

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Jeremy B.

Jeremy B.

Dasher & Video Editor