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Dashers Stay on Track with Clerkie

Deliver with DoorDash? Now you can stay on track with Clerkie, a debt and money assistant.

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With the new year approaching, our goal is to help Dashers meet theirs. And to do that, we strive to make dashing the best gig available, complete with perks and rewards. DoorDash partners with trusted national brands to help you stay on track for your ambitions — on the dash and beyond. Clerkie, a debt and money assistant, is one of those partners empowering Dashers to keep more of their hard-earned cash.

We know many of you have big financial goals, from short-term stability to long-term purchases. Thankfully, there are many ways a free six-month Clerkie Premium+ membership through our partnership can help:

  • Instant debt negotiation

  • Credit building

  • Money savings

  • Dedicated personal assistance

  • Emergency cash access

Real Dasher Stories

Trudy-Ann from Georgia began dashing as a way to make ends meet, Trudy-Ann’s goals have evolved into paying down her debt and improving her credit score. To do that, she’s taking advantage of our perks with Clerkie.

She found the Clerkie platform to be easy and intuitive, giving her exclusive offers to help her pay down her debt and student loans. 

"DoorDash sent me an email about Clerkie, and I almost felt it was a sign to start taking control. The timing was right for me to start paying down debt."

Since signing up, Trudy-Ann has used Clerkie’s debt negotiation features to save over 30% on outstanding debt, as well as enrolled in a tool to build credit on bills she’s already paying.

Zachary and his girlfriend have had a tough time over the past year, requiring seven credit cards between them to make ends meet. He started dashing during the pandemic to improve their financial situation, and heard about Clerkie in the weekly DasherDigest. Since giving the free membership a try, he’s decreased his debts and started a personalized payment plan to move forward.

"Just [DoorDash] partnering with Clerkie shows they care about their drivers and their financial wellbeing, helping us boost savings and reduce debt… they clearly care about their drivers."

Partnership Offer

Experience the sense of accomplishment and boost of confidence that comes with getting in financial shape, when you sign up for a free six-month membership of Clerkie Premium+. They’re here to help you get one step closer to meeting your goals and maintaining control of the money you work hard to earn.

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