Elevating Dasher Voices through the Dasher Community Council

Groups like the Dasher Community Council ensure that anyone who delivers with DoorDash has a hand in shaping its future.

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Every month, over a million people dash to make extra income, earn a living, or support other passions. Dashers know the delivery experience better than anyone else, and their perspectives are vital to improving dashing overall.

We believe it’s important that Dashers have an opportunity to share their observations and opinions with DoorDash directly. One way we learn about improving the delivery experience is by connecting with groups that represent the unified Dasher voice across the globe. Groups like the Dasher Community Council (DCC) and Voices from Dashers of Color Council (VDC) ensure that Dashers have a seat at the table and a hand in shaping DoorDash's future.

Getting to know the DCC

The Dasher Community Council (DCC) is a representative and diverse group of Dashers that provides feedback to DoorDash on important Dasher topics like app functionality, new features, and public policy affecting Dashers. Since launching in 2019, the DCC has acted as a sounding board for ideas, ensured ongoing engagement in the Dasher community, and helped brainstorm solutions to common Dasher challenges. The DCC operates at the national level in the United States, Canada, and Australia, and has regional counterparts in Dasher Advisory Groups that lend specific insight on issues affecting their local communities. 

The DCC in action

The DCC sets out to effect positive change for Dashers and the broader community — and they’re doing a great job at improving the dash for everyone. 

Improving financial empowerment tools

We often hear from Dashers that they’re interested in tools that can help them budget better and save more money for the future. With feedback from the DCC, we launched, a free financial empowerment resource through the National Urban League that offers on-demand educational content on topics like auto financing, budget, credit, mortgage, retirement, savings, and student loans. Dashers who can even earn a digital certificate to add to their portfolio upon successful completion of a course.

DCC and VDC ambassadors were given early access to the courses, and were thrilled to share how much it helped them:

“I had a solid grasp of the fundamentals of managing my finances, but I found the GoalUp content to be a great refresher. All of the different strategies in the building credit, home loan, and car loan courses were valuable and illuminating. I’m excited to see more content in the future!”.

- DCC Ambassador Randy Blair, Colorado

Providing insight for safety tools

Dashers have underscored that safety is a key consideration when they’re on the road. While it’s always been a top priority for us, we continue to look for ways to make dashing even safer.

We launched the VDC to hear the unique and important perspectives of Dashers of Color. When the VDC surfaced concerns about Dasher safety, we wanted to grow our understanding through surveys with the broader Dasher community about how they felt on the road. Survey data revealed that Dashers wanted more peace of mind while dashing. As a next step, our team worked through solutions with the VDC, resulting in the proposal to develop an emergency contact feature. 

And in 2021, we launched SafeDash™, an in-app toolkit powered by ADT, that makes contacting emergency services more secure, simple, and effective directly from the Dasher app.

DCC members participated in multiple feedback sessions where they previewed the in-app safety features like the Emergency Assistance Button and the ADT Safety Reassurance Call and provided detailed assessments on how to improve them. The goal was to ultimately help Dashers feel more safe, and we were glad to learn that this was a step in the right direction.

Learn more about the DCC

As the Dasher community grows to meet the needs of an expanding DoorDash customer base, the DCC and other Dasher engagement groups will continue to elevate the Dasher voice. Check out the DCC homepage to learn more about how they’re helping shape the future of DoorDash.