Introducing DashRoots: The Voices of Local Neighborhoods

DashRoots gives Dashers a voice in issues that impact their business, including supporting flexible work, local businesses, food security, and neighborhood resilience.

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DoorDash is proud to launch DashRoots—an advocacy network that empowers local voices to strengthen the communities we serve. Too often, issues that affect real people in places big and small throughout the United States are overlooked. It’s time to listen to the voices of local neighborhoods. DashRoots will harness the voices of Dashers, merchants, and consumers to advocate for pragmatic policies that will improve their lives, from protecting and strengthening independent work, to helping local businesses grow, to investing in programs that can end hunger and promote public safety. 

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Too often, the voices of Dashers, merchants, and consumers are not at the table when policies around app-based work are being debated. For instance, a recent survey showed that 86% of Dashers prefer the flexibility of independent work, and 67% of independent merchants agreed that DoorDash has helped them reach new customers they would otherwise not have been able to reach. Protecting flexible work is key to helping Dashers and merchants alike thrive in the modern economy, and DashRoots will empower these voices to engage lawmakers and have a direct say in the policy-making process. 

“Knowing that I have access to flexible income-earning opportunities through DoorDash gives me peace of mind when it’s time to pay the bills each month, no matter what obstacles are thrown my way. There’s a lot of misinformation out there about this kind of work, and legislators at both the local and federal level are attempting to pass laws that would make it harder–even impossible–for me to access supplemental income on my own schedule. DashRoots will give me a voice to tell my story, push back on false narratives, and keep me in the know on policies that are important to me–all while giving me tools to take action.”

- David, Dasher, San Francisco

Representing the voices of local neighborhoods, DashRoots members will have access to resources like policy advocacy workshops, professional development webinars, local community meet ups, and opportunities to give back to their communities. They will also have opportunities to have a direct say in the legislative process.  

“Dashers, merchants, and consumers all deserve to have a seat at the table with policymakers who are making big decisions regarding their ability to earn income and succeed. DashRoots will help elevate the voices of the communities we serve and empower local economies to have a greater say in their future.”

- Elizabeth Jarvis-Shean, Vice President, Communications & Policy at DoorDash

The strength of our community comes from within, and DashRoots will elevate the voices of the tens of millions of people who come together on DoorDash daily to maximize our impact for good. DashRoots will connect this incredible network to maximize our impact for good. For more information and to join, check out