Answers to Questions on Accepting & Delivering Offers From Best Buy

We share all the details that Dashers need to know about fulfilling orders from Best Buy.

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Best Buy Partnership

DoorDash recently announced on-demand delivery of consumer electronics from all Best Buy locations in the US. Now, via the DoorDash app or website, shoppers can request delivery from Best Buy to their doorstep in under an hour, on average.*

What’s good for consumers — last-minute delivery of holiday gifts — can also be great news for Dashers, offering more ways to earn. 

So how will this work, exactly? 

Here are answers to Dashers’ top questions so you can get started earning more on your schedule.

How do Best Buy pickups work for Dashers?

Similar to Shop & Deliver orders, Best Buy orders will appear in the Dasher app when they are available in your delivery area. To see the latest offers, just sign into your app. You will receive a notification with the relevant delivery or task details. As always, you have 45 seconds to choose to accept the offer. When the offer is accepted, the route to the store will appear, and from there you can choose to open the route in your default mapping service.

Do I need a large vehicle or truck to accept a Best Buy offer?

The largest items sold by Best Buy aren’t actually available for delivery through DoorDash. Items that exceed 60 inches in size or 32 cubic feet in volume, or any items heavier than 60 pounds, will not be available for consumers to order through the DoorDash platform. And the majority of items sold aren’t as big as you think: i.e. headphones, video games, and more. 

How are Dashers paid for pickups at Best Buy?

Just like other pickups, Dasher earnings for a Best Buy offer pickup consist of base pay per offer and 100% of tips. Dashers also earn Peak Pay on top of that when applicable, plus additional pay from other active Promotions.

How do I access SKUs that are locked up in cabinets within the store?

If an item is located inside a locked cabinet, you will need to ask a Best Buy sales representative to unlock it for you. They will take the item and hold it at checkout if you have more shopping to do. Otherwise, they will simply ring you up. 

What do I do if a customer has ordered an item that is out of stock?

If you're having trouble finding an item, reach out to a store associate for help. Items can be stocked in multiple locations or in the back warehouse. After doing a thorough search, if you still cannot find the item the customer ordered, most customers will want you to make a substitution.

A substitution occurs when a Dasher replaces an out-of-stock item with a similar item that has been approved by the customer. Substitutions are approved either before shopping begins or while shopping.

To complete a substitution, follow these steps:

  • Tap “Item Unavailable”

  • Shop for one of the items listed under customer-approved substitutions

  • If the customer did not approve substitutions, please text or call the customer

  • If you don’t hear back from the customer, call them once more before checking out 

  • Issue a refund only if the customer doesn't want a substitution

What do I say if the Best Buy employee at checkout asks if I want to add a membership, protection plan, or warranty?

If you are asked to add a membership, protection plan, or warranty to your order, it is important to decline or say "No." This adds an extra cost to the customer that they will not be expecting so this should be declined every single time.

What do I do when I see a barcode(s) on my Dasher app during checkout?

Regardless of how many barcodes you see on your app during checkout, it is important to ask the Best Buy employee at checkout to scan every in-app barcode.

How will I carry a heavy item all by myself?

We will notify Dashers on the offer acceptance screen if an order includes an item weighing greater than 20 pounds so they can choose whether or not to accept the order. As mentioned above, Best Buy items over 60 pounds will not be available at all for delivery by Dashers.  

What if I have additional questions?

The Dasher Help Center is a great resource for quick answers. There is also Dasher Support in the Dasher app to quickly answer common questions for Red Card problems, customer unavailable, store closed, and more.

The general rule is to use Live Chat Support for urgent issues (as a last resort) because wait times can vary. Use the Dasher Contact form for other issues. Let us know when you need help with things unrelated to deliveries such as reimbursement requests and payment issues. 

*Based on average delivery time. Delivery times may vary and are not guaranteed.