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Empowering Dashers for financial success

Achieve your financial goals with DoorDash. DoorDash is committed to supporting Dashers in achieving success through a variety of programs and partnerships.

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We know that Dashers want to make the most out of their earnings on the platform. That’s why DoorDash is committed to support Dashers in achieving success on and off the platform through a variety of programs and partnerships.

Dashers can access financial literacy resources and tools remote and in-person to help them set and achieve their financial goals, whether it’s to better manage their budgets or start saving for the next big purchase. We’ll continue to expand and reevaluate our offerings to help Dashers succeed!

National Urban League

We’ve partnered with the National Urban League to create GoalUp.org. GoalUp is a free online and on-demand platform that combines the Urban League’s proven financial literacy educational programming with an accessible, mobile-friendly online format available to all Dashers in the U.S.

GoalUp.org offers access to on-demand financial literacy courses across a range of topics from savings and credit to auto-financing and budgeting to help you set and achieve your next financial goals. We’ll continue to build more courses that matter the most to Dashers!

UnidosUS Caminos

We’ve partnered with UnidosUS to launch the Caminos financial empowerment initiative. Through Caminos, eligible Dashers in the United States, no matter their location, can receive remote online financial coaching to support them as they pursue their financial goals through individualized, bilingual English and Spanish services. 

Through the UnidosUS affiliate network, Dashers can also access locally administered bilingual workforce development programs in 10 different cities to develop job-readiness and career-building skills in areas such as finance, sales, and digital skills.