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When you Deliver with DoorDash, You Can Save More with GasBuddy in the Dasher App

The GasBuddy in-app integration will allow Dashers to find the cheapest fuel options in their area while delivering with DoorDash.

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We know that Dashers are always looking for ways to reduce their costs while dashing, with 93% of Dashers surveyed saying that fuel costs are top of mind while dashing. As part of DoorDash’s ongoing work to support Dashers, we’re proud to announce a new integration with GasBuddy that allows Dashers to find the most affordable gas in their area, directly in the Dasher app. 

How does it work?

The GasBuddy integration will allow Dashers to see gas prices near them in real-time and navigate directly to the most affordable gas stations without leaving their Dasher app. Look for the gas pump icon on the map screen to access your local options.

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What to expect?

GasBuddy will display all gas stations available within a 2 mile radius, allowing for the quickest and most affordable option to be discovered and navigated to. Dasher’s can optimize their time and money with this feature to ensure they’re getting the best price in their immediate area.

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This is extremely helpful for us Dashers, especially with skyrocketing inflation occurring in our economy

Because I drive so much with DoorDash, I'm always looking for the best gas prices in San Francisco, and sometimes catch myself driving around for 15-30 minutes to find a gas station with the cheapest gas, many times going outside of San Francisco to fill up. This program will help me find one without going out my way.

- Anna Faalogoifo, a San Francisco-based Dasher

Learn more about other saving opportunities

DoorDash’s partnership with GasBuddy adds to several existing initiatives that help Dashers keep more of their earnings, including opportunities to save at the pump by registering nationwide for Fuel Rewards program® at Shell and at BP and Amoco stations by registering for BPme Rewards. Dashers can also earn 2% cash back at all gas stations nationwide when they pay using their Dasher Direct card*, and can save up to $20 on car maintenance through DoorDash’s partnership with CarAdvise.

*The DasherDirect Business Prepaid Visa Card is issued by Stride Bank, N.A., member FDIC, pursuant to license from Visa U.S.A. Inc. Subject to eligibility. Gas merchant classification is subject to Visa rules.