Shop & Deliver: How Does Grocery Delivery Work as a Dasher on DoorDash?

Learn how the Shop & Deliver program helps Dashers earn more on their own time.

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How Does Grocery Delivery Work

DoorDash offers a rewarding and flexible option for gig workers looking for diverse delivery opportunities beyond restaurant offers. Through DoorDash’s Shop & Deliver program, customers can order items from grocery, convenience, and retail stores, and have Dashers shop for those items and deliver their orders. Here, we'll delve into how the program works, its advantages, and how Dashers can maximize their earnings by accepting Shop & Deliver offers.

How does DoorDash Shop & Deliver work? 

The Shop & Deliver program offers Dashers a new way to earn beyond restaurant deliveries. This program gives Dashers the option to shop for customers' grocery, convenience, and retail store orders.

Once Dashers select the Shop & Deliver option in the DoorDash Dasher App and accept an offer, there are three steps to the grocery delivery process:

  1. Shop for the customer's list of items.

  2. Pay with a DoorDash-funded Red Card at checkout.

  3. Deliver the items to the customer's door, just like restaurant offers.

What are the advantages of delivering groceries?

There are several benefits to being a delivery driver for groceries, including for new Dashers. Here are some of the perks:

  • Be your own boss. Dashers work for themselves, and are independent contractors. 

  • Dash on a flexible schedule. Dashers set their own hours and complete offers when it’s most convenient for them.

  • Earn extra cash. Dashers keep 100% of customer tips, in addition to Base Pay and applicable promotions.

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DoorDash Shop & Deliver tips from a seasoned Dasher 

DoorDash’s Shop & Deliver program can be a great introduction for those who are new to dashing, or for those looking to earn money outside of regular restaurant deliveries. Seasoned Dasher Gilda B. shares her tested tips for a successful grocery delivery.

Introduce yourself. Say hello to the customer in the DoorDash Dasher App and ask if they have any specific requests before you begin to shop.

Select the best and most accurate products. Pay close attention to all expiration and use-by dates. Try to select the freshest item by finding a date furthest away from the current one.

Keep a good line of communication with the customer open. Customers appreciate when you send them pictures, especially of produce and meats, to make sure you are selecting the best products for them.   

How much can Dashers make for Shop & Deliver orders?

Dashers' earnings may vary depending on the number of deliveries completed, the time of day, and their geographical location. But Dashers can earn more per Shop & Deliver order compared to a regular restaurant delivery order.* Plus, Shop & Deliver allows Dashers to earn cash during off-peak hours and keep a more flexible schedule that isn't dependent on the lunch or dinner rush.

To view the pay for a Shop & Deliver order, check the acceptance screen on the DoorDash Dasher App where the payment details will appear, similar to restaurant offers.

When you accept an offer on the DoorDash Dasher App, you earn Base Pay based on the estimated time, distance, and desirability of the offer. As with regular orders, customers have the ability to tip whenever a Dasher accepts an offer—and Dashers keep 100% of those tips. 

How to use the Dasher Red Card for Shop & Deliver

The Red Card is a prepaid card that Dashers use to pay for items on Dasher Shop & Deliver orders. The card will automatically be funded when you go to check out for a shopping order. Red Cards are not linked to Dasher bank accounts or related to earnings.

Red Cards can be:

  • Digital - stored in the digital wallet in your phone (recommended)

  • Physical - physical card ordered from the DoorDash store

You can get a digital Red Card instantaneously in the DoorDash Dasher App. If you're having trouble adding your digital Red Card card to your digital wallet, or if you are seeing a message that says your issuer does not yet support this card, you can order a physical one for free from the DoorDash Store.

Most merchants accept contactless payments so you will likely be able to check out with a digital card. If you are checking out at a merchant that does not accept contactless payments, you can use your physical Red Card if you have one. If you do not have a physical Red Card, you have the option to use your personal card, keep the receipt, and reach out to support for reimbursement.

Top questions about using the Dasher Red Card

Here are a few of the most asked questions about using a Red Card and how to solve them.

What if your Red Card is declined?

If your Red Card is not working, try these strategies before contacting Support.

  • If prompted for debit, use the pin "0000" — otherwise, the card can run as credit.

  • Make sure you have picked the right items and quantity, and entered the correct weight according to the customer's order.

  • If an item is unavailable, ensure you've substituted it with an item of similar size or quantity.

What happens if I lose my card or it expires? 

Having an active Red Card allows you to be eligible for Shop & Deliver orders. If you lose your physical Red Card or it has expired, you can get a replacement digital card immediately or order a new physical card. Follow these steps to report a lost or expired Red Card.


  1. Go to the ''Account'' tab of your DoorDash Dasher App

  2. Tap ''Dasher Red Card''

  3. Tap ''Physical card lost or about to expire?''

  4. Tap ''Confirm''


  1. In the DoorDash Dasher app, open the 3-dot Menu icon

  2. Tap ''Red Card''

  3. Tap ''Physical card lost or about to expire?''

  4. Tap ''Confirm''

A new way to dash

Shop & Deliver offers Dashers a new way to earn money. Compared with restaurant deliveries, the program helps Dashers earn more on a flexible schedule outside of meal time rushes. Dashers have the option to accept Shop & Deliver offers and add them to their regular dashing routine.

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*Get paid more per order as compared to a restaurant delivery order, based on average Dasher payouts nationwide while on a delivery. Actual earnings may differ and depend on factors like number of deliveries completed, time of day, location, and expenses.