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A DoorDash Program Empowering Local Communities and Dashers

Main Street Strong details DoorDash's commitment to help restaurants on the road to recovery.

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Meet our five year, $200M Main Street Strong Pledge. It’s our commitment to supporting Dashers, local merchants, and the communities where those Dashers and merchants live. Through this pledge, we’ll provide Dashers with financial empowerment resources, as well as compelling and new rewards.

The DoorDash Mission is to grow and empower local economies, and we know that acting on that mission has never been more important. 

To grow and empower the communities we serve, we’re providing a $200 million Main Street Strong Pledge to deliver on our mission. We’re working with the Dasher Community Council, Voices from Dashers of Color Council, Restaurant Advisory Council, and other community partners to be sure Main Street Strong works for the entire DoorDash family.

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Dashers Earned More than $3.5 Billion During the First Six and a Half Months of the Pandemic

The core of the Main Street Strong pledge is to:

  • Enable Dashers to achieve greater financial empowerment and meet their professional goals

  • Empower local merchants and enable greater and more diverse equality of access in local economies

  • Support and strengthen the communities in which we operate.

The DoorDash Mission at work

Flexible work opportunities with easy entry are more important than ever, enabling people — especially those in communities hardest hit by the pandemic — to earn an income. As unemployment has skyrocketed due to the pandemic, our mission to grow and empower local economies has never been more important. 

Empowering Dashers all over

Since the first stay-at-home orders went into effect in mid-March of 2020, over 1.9 million new Dashers joined DoorDash, and Dashers, in total, earned more than $3.5 Billion during the first six and a half months of the pandemic. Moreover, approximately 60% ($2.1 Billion) of that total was earned by Dashers from zip codes with above-average Black and/or Latinx populations.

Helping local merchants, too

When the cold season set in, we knew that the months ahead will likely be tough for local businesses. In early October, we announced our $2 million cold weather grant program to help restaurants in six markets prepare for the winter months. The response was overwhelming, so as we reviewed current applications, we increased our cold weather grant program to $10 million to expand into additional markets, including several in Canada.

The all-new Dasher Rewards Program

As part of our Main Street Strong pledge, we have allotted $12 Million to give Dashers who go the extra mile for their local communities. If you’re a Dasher in the United States, keep an eye on your email for ways to be rewarded for your efforts, now through May 2021.