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Early Bird Perks if You Deliver With DoorDash

Just getting started delivering with DoorDash? Learn about perks for new Dashers to increase your earnings.


Getting started as a Dasher is easy, especially with tools and resources to help make the first few days as exciting and rewarding as possible. Keep reading to check out the New Dasher Perks that empower you to get on the road to faster earnings. 

New Dasher Early Bird Perks

Dash Now

 Hit the road without having to schedule in advance. “Dash Anytime,” an exclusive Top Dasher perk, is available to New Dashers for their first two weeks. Access your 'Dash' tab in app and begin a dash by pressing the 'Dash Now' button. You'll see a map of your area and busy areas will be defined by the heatmap which is updated in real time. When the heatmap is red and the area is denoted as 'Busy' or 'Very Busy', Dash Now to take advantage of areas with high consumer demand.

Priority Access Program

New Dashers automatically qualify for Priority Access for their first three weeks on the road. This means you gain access to some of the highest paying offers in your area. To locate a high-paying offer, look out for the diamond icon in the Dasher app! The diamond icon indicates the offer is high value.

VIP Support

New Dashers get priority access to 24/7 phone and chat support. Therefore, if things don’t go as planned, simply reach out to support and you will be automatically routed to a VIP support agent. One of our expert agents can help with everything from earnings questions to scheduling a dash so you can focus on your Dasher experience.


For everyone who dashes, there's a new way to get paid with the DasherDirect Prepaid Visa card. Benefits include:

  • Unlock instant no-fee direct deposits. With DasherDirect, the earnings from your deliveries are deposited instantly at the end of every dash -- for no-fee -- so you can access your cash when you need it.

  • Enjoy cash back rewards. Get 2% back on gas on every gas purchase at one of the locations found in the DasherDirect app's Rewards page.

  • Access your earnings with the mobile banking app. Check your balance, transfer money, and find no-fee ATMs.

Sign up today by navigating to the ‘Earnings’ tab in your Dasher app to fill out the application from there. 

Curious about other perks for Dashers?

We've partnered with national brands and merchants to help you on the road and beyond the dash. Learn more about our available perks & partnerships.